Blockchain technology is the future



I went to the bank to open my savings account. It took me over 1 hour because there was an issue when I opened the account. It is said that I did not properly terminate my previous bank account that I no longer use, so it incurred a penalty fee of almost $20. After I paid the penalty, the opening of my new account is also in process. It's a tiresome KYC process that took almost 1 hour to complete. I noticed that the guys assisting me have prepared several printed forms and documents related to processing a new account. I think I signed about 6 to 7 pages of documents that are probably regarding the terms and conditions of opening a bank. I never read the pages thoroughly because I didn't care about the content and wanted to make it quick, so I blindly signed the documents.

It's funny that opening an account in a traditional banking system takes a lot of time and there's no guarantee of the safety of your money.

If I will compare that to my experience opening a wallet or account here on Hive or any other crypto project, I may only need a few minutes to complete the process. The great part of it is that there is no KYC required.

Because of that, I'm amazed at the efficiency of modern technology like Blockchain.

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