Don't let life's challenges bring you down.


Frustration, failure, and defeat are just as important for success in life as dreaming and coaxing beauty from what hard times have left behind.

Everyone goes through hard times, but have you asked yourself what might happen if your life becomes easier? What if we lived in a world where everything around us was going perfectly and nothing ever challenged us? How would we push ourselves to learn and ultimately become better people with greater potential?

It is during these times of uncertainty, complication, and need for change that our level of determination goes up. They push us to live in a way that brings out the best. But it takes more than magic just good thoughts and wishes; this takes hard work, sweat, discipline, and perspiration.

People who experience hardships are more determined to be successful because they believe in themselves so much more than those who have it easy. But those people seem to lack emotional intelligence when they share their success lessons or when they help others who are going through hardship. People with emotional intelligence are able to help others in times of struggle. They know how to show empathy, validate feelings and understand the feelings of other people. Emotional intelligence is also about having self-awareness, which allows people to recognize their emotions and act appropriately. People who have a high level of emotional intelligence are able to manage their emotions effectively, which allows them to stay calm and focused. They also have empathy for others and can listen carefully. People with high levels of emotional intelligence also carry themselves creatively in times of stress or pressure, since they know how their emotions will affect other people.

Sometimes, little angels fly with you to guide you forward. Sometimes, in the course of life, there are some trying moments.

There will be difficulties and worrisome times. Still, conquering those trials and tribulations – that is living!

The personal future for each one of us is our own if only we will always endeavor to go forth in pursuit as though always reaching for tomorrow. The dream should never come before ethics and responsibility. Critical thinking is the key to success in this hazardous world. It's through critical thinking that more joyfully can one find the best path that engages their strengths and interests most fully often shining their way towards an unusually rewarding future.

Achievement demands hard work! And fortunate are they who not only understand this law but who also push themselves to never give up until they achieve their goal!