Pursue your version of happiness.


The keystone to gaining happiness is by having an open and truthful relationship with yourself. Once you live a life acknowledging the eternal pursuit of happiness and are engrossed in true happiness, the rest of life's discoveries become irrelevant. And once you have gained your ultimate happiness and contentment, the purpose of this project is satisfied.

Pursue what's worth your passion to ensure that your satisfaction does not gradually fade away with time. Keep investing in people whom we care for along the way for fruitful relationships that we can tolerate as our soul matures like a fine wine.

Start asking yourself ~ "What am I here for?"

True happiness comes from self-discovery and growth, not worldly achievements.

We were taught to hanker for something we lacked as children in order to be happy. This is a complex trap that may never be resolved but that should not stop us from pursuing true happiness. Everybody deserves to be happy, even those who can't fully understand it yet.

The perfect happiness is not the kind of thing that you find in your hallway or basement at home; it's an intricate journey retrieved with discovery and exploration; which will make you think differently, act differently and transform into a better version of yourself.

What sets us apart from the rest is what we want to do the most.

Do you want to pursue that which excites and energizes you, or are you floundering in queuing up for your tepid life in a corporate job?

Life is too short and there can only be one kind of happiness which is right in front of you.

If it means taking a different path, then so be it. Craft your own identity as an individual instead of being lost, acting like someone else's “punchbag” who just takes abuse from better people.

We set our life milestones, pursue them to achieve them, and make them our markers of success and purpose. As the strenuous journey leaves us thinner and narrower, the only thing that sustains us is meeting the unconditional love and care from others.

Whether we are in a stagnant place or in building momentum, it is tempting to stop but we know both lead to disillusionment. To quench our unknown thirst for the meaning of happiness, we just have one way; keep pushing our limits for better lives tomorrow and beyond!