Expanding Creativity: Trying Your Hand at Something Outside Your Comfort Zone!

It's easy to get locked into just following a set creative routine.

Sure, we might make little adjustments here and there, but on the whole we tend to gradually wear something akin to a "creative groove" in the carpet, pretty much sticking to what we know.

The Art of the Cat, Vol XXII

Not saying this applies to everyone, but I do believe a majority of artists and creatives can relate, in some way.

Of course, the risk associated with sameness and consistency is that we grow bored and start to lose our inspiration. As some artists might declare "The Muse has left me!"

Sometimes it's a good thing to try something completely different, and likely something you're a total novice at!

The Art of the Cat, Vol. XVII

I'm not suggesting that anyone should just completely change direction and turn their back on years of experience and honing an art form... I'm just saying it might be beneficial to take a little "holiday" and experiment with something completely different.

For example, as a painter, you might give ceramics or wood sculpting a try. Experience the transition from the two-dimensional, to the three-dimensional.

Aside from the possibility of "shaking loose a few cobwebs," you will likely find yourself having to really use your brain, and realize the insight of just how much you have been on auto pilot.

The Art of the Cat, Vol. XXXII

What's more, when you end the "experiment," chances are you will have learned something new about how to translate the three-dimensional to the two-dimensional surface of a canvas.

Could easily work in reverse, too, if you're a sculptor or otherwise working in 3D.

Experimentation — even outside your usual comfort zone — is an essential part of creativity!

Till the next one, thanks for stopping by!


Curator Cat, 2023.08.22