Curator Cat: Using "Microearnings" to Build Something of Substance!

For many years, "Investing" was a somewhat daunting proposition for me... as I am sure it might have been, for many people.

Perhaps my perception was skewed by reading periodicals like The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times, which always give the impression that investing is something that involves trading and moving millions around.


Living On a Different Scale

Some of us live at the opposite end of that scale.

We might be able to set aside $5 now and then, and perhaps we see fit to invest the money we've collected in the change jar on our nightstand, or even the few dollars we collect by occasionally selling some of the fresh produce from our gardens.

In the "broader world" of investing, that's typically considered pretty much a joke.

It's really a fairly recent phenomenon that being able to invest tiny amounts at a time has even become a possibility.

But can we really hope to gradually build something of substance if all our lives allow us to set aside are these "microamounts?" Or are we just busy deceiving ourselves?


Here on Hive — and in its many communities — we have precisely such an opportunity to see what we can create with tiny amounts... thanks to the fact that we operate in an environment with no transaction fees.

Using just Hive and the many community and investment tokens trading on Hive-Engine — including "biggies" like LeoFinance — I am experimenting with exactly that.

I got to thinking about it this morning, as I was looking at my Hive-Engine wallet... and staked another $0.02's worth of BEE Tokens, along with a few other "fractional" amounts... all the result of staked tokens and curation.

It's not much, but it is adding up... and that's where the magic of compounding comes in. Little bits keep "building on themselves."

Where can comments, engagement and a few blog posts take me?


What Is "Significant?"

I suppose we all have our own interpretations of what "Building something of Substance" actually means.

Just like my investments might be tiny, so are my expectations. I harbor no delusions — barring some unexpected miracle — that this experiment in micro-investing will secure a cushy retirement to a tropical beach!

But who knows, maybe it'll pay for a nice trip to somewhere. Or maybe it'll just end up generating a few dollars worth of income per day... money that I wouldn't otherwise have had!

In the meantime, I get to just enjoy myself posting an occasional blog post and engaging with other community members!



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