Curator Cat: Summer Winding Down on the Final Caturday of August!

Greetings Fabulous Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia and surrounding communities! We have arrived at the weekend once again and weekends are my favorite time because they include Saturday and that means Caturday!


We can really tell that we're starting to come down to what towards the end of summer — the days are definitely getting shorter and the light is not as sharp, and today also happens to be the last Saturday in the month of August!

Soon, we will start to see autumn leaves on the trees... and there are fall storms around the corner; the beginning of what we consider "indoor season" at our place.


Things are fairly quiet around our neck of the woods. The Hoomans have been pretty busy with their gardening again and they're still harvesting their fruits and vegetables which is kind of fun because I get to run away with green things they bring into the house, every now and then!

Meanwhile, this next Wednesday will be the Dad-Hooman's birthday so we're going to have a little celebration here and my understanding is that there's going to be fish involved in the picture (as that happens to be one of his favorite foods!) and that usually means that there's going to be a little bit of fish set aside for the cats as well!


Meanwhile, it seems that the Cryptosphere continues to scrape along bottom, doing what some people call "the summer doldrums." And it does definitely seem like there's not much good news these days so I guess the best we can do is just hold on and keep going forward!

Hopefully these bad times will come to an end... eventually!

Seems more than a few people here in Hivelandia are getting a little restless and worried, and there are various discussions about "what we can do" to make things better. I have my own ideas about that... but that's for a whole separate post!


Smudge is doing well; she's enjoying the fact that there is still sunshine in some of her favorite spots to sleep and she's particularly appreciative of the fact that the Dad-Hooman trimmed a couple of trees outside the living room windows where she likes to nap, which means she is getting a few more sunny spots.

Sunny spots are always a good thing, in the world of cats!

And this that, dear folks, I'm going to get back to my own naptime! Thanks for coming to visit, and have a lovely rest of your weekend!




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Yup! Time flies by so fast! I was surprised you reminded me of the end of August! Yeah, I noticed the light is not so strong or bright and the breezes seemed cooler! Winter will arrive soon!

They say Bitcoin is going a bit lower soon, a mini collapse before it went higher! Very dicey time! Hold on tight!