4.2 Billions Unlocked!

4.2 Billions Unlocked!

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I have done numberous calculations throughout my life to really know what kinda numbers I had to hit in order live like I want to / had to hit in order to become financial independent and could if I wanted to, just lay on a beach enjoying my passive portefoile!

So. 4.2 Billions? Thats too much money. Like why is it needed to have that much money for anyone? xD
Like I calculated that with 1.2-1.4 million danish kroner, I invested I would be able to live the life I live right now after taxes and just live off of the dividends from stocks.

Like seems pretty neat. So 4.2 Billions? Fuck me, what to do right?

I think the first would be to put some aside like 100 millions or something into Stocks or Bonds or whatever haha.

I would 100% setup a company which would own a lot of other smaller business so we can pay people what they deserve or a thrivable salary instead of a survivable salary! and ofcause disturb a shit ton of industries from greed fuckers in the process ;)

I would properly also just buy a shit ton land either bare land, so we can plant trees or farmland from farmers in different kinda of countries and help they grow and earn again a thrivable salary.

Or just make a Green Fund Org, to push climate change around the world.

I honestly dont compelete know. Its too much money to think about having xD