Mancave Business Proposel Contest

I have posted about this idea before. But since the Mancave have a business proposel contest I thought I would make another post and more indept post about my idea. Not sure it speaks to people who already is rich.

The Non-Greed Company

The company structure would be a Holding Company which owns all of the other smaller business under itself. No plan on making it Public.
Think of this like Berkshire Hathaway but where you HODL a token and receive a dividend but have no saying what way the company goes in or what companies it invests in.

With that said, the whole notice of this company would be for extreme financial gain but to create a bigger and richer middel class by giving a higher salary to regular servers. (Minium wage in Denmark is around 16,61 usd pr hour and I want to bring that up to 18,61 pr hour)
Minium wage in Denmark is liveable, but why just survive when we can get other people to thrive?

Lets give an example of how this would look and work in practice:

Holding Company owns a Cafe A.
The Cafe A pays a employee a wage of 130 dkk pr hour the first 3 months. Next 3 months the wage is 135 dkk pr hour. After 6 monts of employment the wage is 140 dkk pr hour.

Cafe have expenses for 100000 dkk a month. This covers a fulltime employee, a boss(me to begin with) and a part-time employee. Rent and business expenses such as inventory etc.

Lets say the cafe earns 150000 pr month or a month.
Thats a profit of 50000 dkk.

Keep 10% of the monthly profit per cafe A-Z , within the cafes as extra cash used fot repairs and extra non-monthly expenses. (5000 dkk)
The rest 45000 dkk would go into the Holding company A and be used to pay a 10% dividend to investors in fiat or crypto(hive), so 4500 dkk split among investors.

The rest of that the 40500 dkk will be saved in the Holding company A unless we can expand to more cafes or into other businesses.

Long term, I would act as the CEO of the Holding company A and not any specific cafe nor any of the other business I want to go into.

I think its worth noticing that the Holding Company A and sub-business is not here to maximize profits for anyone.
Not for me as the CEO nor the Investors. 10% dividend is what is offered in preferrable shares, no voting shares is offered.

I want to make this a sustainable business which benefits lower-ranking people and sociaty and eventurally help people more financial stable, this also includes looking at spaces where we can impliment Solar or Wind for more sustainablity.

I honestly don't know what or how much it would require to start. With rents rising and renting equipment + salaries, my best quess would be around 500000 dkk to give us a fighting chance for 6 month or so.
I may overestimate.

Feel free to ask any further questions you have in the comments.


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Business ideas are always great ! Especially when there are good :)

Congratz on your prize !
Well deserved 💪🏻