Uh, everything is good? Jinx?

I might be tired, but everything seems to go in the right direction so lets see if I don't jinx it like most people end up doing unconcions, maybe because they don't feel like they deserve it or its something from their childhood holding them back.
Its a common thing that people who gain a bit of success ending up becoming clumsy and that can be a trait of that you don't think you fully deserve it, its very fashinating :D

I can be clusmy aswell, but I am fully aware of why and I just keep my head down and keep grinding, not going to let that in my head :D

Everything is good.

The new job I got is quite nice and stressful, which I kinda dig. We never sits down and I got a say in how to handle/operate the store and also how to deal with employees, thats all exciting for me and I get a higher pay or is going to get a higher pay from January and onward + a bonus ^^ So that neat :D

Also, my knee is doing amazing!
I have had months where having knee pain was just normal and part of my daily life, but I did go to see a Physiotherapist and he got me some excises and they are fking working. Imagine not having Knee pain going down stars as I used to, damn it feels good!
Its not fix yet, but its so much better!!

3rd, a psychiatrist called me back and I got an appointment the 9 of January, so I could posible go and get some pills for my adhd again, which would 100% help me when it comes to my job and maybe even writing on Hive :p
I want to get Elvanse, since I have heard good things about it ^^