Flood Of Starbits Unstaking Incoming Because I Listened To The Community 😛


I had a poll at middle of September. I asked the community what to do after having 1.146 Million Starbits Staked. Can't access dPoll since few days ago. Here's link to PeakD. Few folks voted: Not sure what to do / Don't Play Rising Star Out of others...

  • 1/3 said: Unstake & get Starbits Millionaire
  • 2/3 said: Unstake Part & take it slow
  • o said: Don't get Starbits Millionaire

Now I'm Unstaking

Leaving NFTs About To Sell Out

Some Already Sold Out

If more music NFT sales were done - I'll be able to usntake more without thinking about opportunity cost. I'll be getting to Starbits Millionaire anyway 😃

Some Think .MP3 > .JPEG

It's super basic stuff. Most of these people don't even know about Hive. No way most of them even heard about Rising Star NFTs. We're early. Rising Star has been around for 2+ years. We've got staying power!

Get Started With Rising Star

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