One day a man named Charles was on serious sanitation in his backyard. He was cutting the grasses, taking off trashes, selecting items that need to be burnt and others to be recycled.

  After selection, he poured petrol on the trash and lighted them up. Suddenly he noticed a strange movement inside the fire. ("Am confused!?" He mused) Being surprised took a stick beside him to confirm what was going on.

 A snake inside the trash he loaded up some minutes ago, and then he used that same stick to bring the snake out of the burning flame immediately the snake attacked striking Charles with her power Fang. It Pierced right through Charles skin and there was blood all over his hands.

images (4).jpeg

Yes, the snake was in pain, even when Charles tried again she struck for the second time. Daniel, Charles neighbour was watching this whole time, he walked to Charles and said "Why do to try to the snake knowing how dangerous these species are? Even when you try to help as an act of love and understanding a human has she keeps striking you". Charles replied and said. " Daniel the nature of a snake is to bite anything that comes close to it, and my nature as a human is love and care, the snake doesn't know I want to help but I would do the needful as a HUMAN"  

As humans, we owe nothing to nature but LOVE, AND CARE towards everything around us. The snake could be someone you want to help but ignorance will not let them see the good thoughts you have towards them!.

 I hope someone reads this and keep to the standards of love his/she has for friends, enemies (you shouldn't have enemy), siblings and most importantly strangers. Thank you for reading, love you ❤️!

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