I'm so glad I have a solid twenty plus minutes before work to post. I have not been in the greatest of moods lately. Thoughts getting the better of me. Negative ones. Overthinking is generally a negative activity. Ugh.

Just not feeling work lately, not feeling life. I spent a bunch of money on groceries because I was simply tired of not having food at the house. Everything is so damn expensive. Gonna try and make this food last I guess.

I won't actually see my son for over a week. That also sucks tremendously.

I know I always say this but I'm just gonna work when I get home and on my day off. I payed rent, wifi, cell phone, groceries. I just gotta work.

Somehow just get through this shift and just delete work from my mind for awhile.

Just gotta be grateful I have an income.

Political posts and mainstream social media have also been irking me lately. I've just been really annoyed at life the past couple of days and I can't seem to shake it.

I'm just gonna chill here and enjoy the view for a few.

The mountains are becoming greener. Kinda cool to see.


Here's some pics from my walk home the other day. Had to jump between this train because it randomly just totally stopped between me and my apartment lol.



But yeah. Just another wonderful day of retail work. Maybe since it's Saturday it will go faster. Hive on folks.