Its been an interesting weekend, kind of a blur really. Its been raining so much I haven't had a chance to really deliver whatsoever. I did donate and blog a bit here and there. That's decent I guess. Bought some groceries, payed a little towards a few bills.

I bought these cheesy potatoe cups and man they're REALLY outstanding. Definitely will buy again and I suggest them to anyone. This plus some frozen burritos and man I was eating pretty dang well.

I really miss my son and I seriously hope he comes over soon. Maybe even tomorrow. It's kinda hard to get a hold of my ex sometimes. But I'm not too worried about it.

Still watching some funny try not to laugh videos though. Life is real stressful and depressing, laughing hard is more rare than ever. Feels good doing so.

But yeah, hopefully tomorrow the weather starts clearing up. Donating is nice for sure, but I must be able to make some money delivering too. And blogging. Meh. Hive on folks.