Had an involuntary slow work day today, it simply rained too much. I did make one order like an IDIOT in the rain, but I stopped there. The whole thing was pretty stressful. So glad my bike held up. Dried it as soon as I got home manually, and then I put my fan in front of it.

But prior to that I watched the Titans get a win, that was amazing.

Been a really boring day otherwise, I'm actually going to sleep soon. I want to get a full day in ASAP. I managed to pay a smidge towards my phone bill, and a buy a bit of food earlier.

Listened to some podcasts, even gamed a smidge.

I felt like a lazy bum, but there was not much I could do. I think rain will be the most challenging thing, but this is why I gotta get up for breakfast, and not rely on just dinner and late night stuff. Besides, biking at night is not fun at all. If I can make enough and do that less, that will be better.

But just gotta get on my grind tomorrow. Bring home the bacon. Hive on folks.