I had a fairly respectable day. Made an ok amount delivering, and got my post I've been neglecting out. Not too bad.

I did a late night delivery, that was a bit of a pain in the butt. Retrieving and finding the address was easy, but fulfilling the delivery itself was the hard part. The delivery required a pin, but he customer note said to leave the order at the door. I was so annoyed and confused. I talked to Uber support, they helped me I guess. As I was talking with them, the app said I could take a picture, and the support person gave me the code. I just took the picture and moved on. So weird. I didn't get a negative review for like, my service which is good. I got paid and did not cancel the order so I mean, it seems to have gone smoothly.

I have actually done 71 deliveries so far. I have received compliments as well, like perfect handoff, delivered with care, quick and efficient, friendly service and great communication. Feels pretty good man. I am grinding. With Hive earnings helping, I am making it work the best I can. Hive on folks.


Gonna end my night with a good laugh.