I had a pretty tough day on a lot of levels. Like, damn. but hopefully with some luck, tomorrow will be better. I plan on donating plasma. Anything to get these stupid bills paid. They're not stupid I guess, but yeah. They're annoying LOL. But yeah, delivering, donating plasma, blogging. I am scratching and clawing that's for sure. I hope it goes smooth tomorrow. I need that to go right. I hate needles but I also hate being homeless. So it is what it is.

But yeah. I don't even want to go in full detail about what happened today, it just sucked. Ugh.

I gamed a bit, tried to distract myself and everything. If everything goes well, I might just take the day off of delivering, for my sanity. Whatever's left of that.

Hey, if tomorrow goes well, I could still deliver. Maybe nap after, then do a delivery. Then football this weekend too. Yeah, let's attempt to stay positive here.

This video has been pretty fascinating. Hive on folks.