my description in 5 words... [Week 128]



These types of assignments are a bit complex because obviously you don't want to say characteristics that sound vain, self-centered or too self-important. Because I really do have very positive descriptions. Hahaha
No negative ones because I can work on them at the right time and change it to positive.
But according to a healthy discussion I had with some friends they simply confirmed my 5 words that describe me for as long as I can remember are the following:

  1. Distracted
  2. Unconditional
  3. Persistent
  4. hard-working
  5. Sleepy
    Now if I have to describe each of them it would be as follows:


Because I am very proactive to do things, but I must write them down, follow instructions to the letter. With me it doesn't work: "please remind me to do such and such" because I will simply forget.
I am one of those people who use reminders on my cell phone even to drink water. When I'm going out I have to leave everything ready the night before, the bag ready, the take-out food complete and packed and everything in the same place in the fridge, because if I move something from its place I forget it hahaha. So I think this word defines me in every sense of the word.



Always for my family, friends, partner. No matter what has happened before, no matter what happens in my circle with other people I am always ready to support, to be present. If I have to decorate a party and I have to help I do it, if I have to teach someone to learn something that is not in their possibilities I am always simply willing to help. Bonds are not only made of blood, there are bonds with people who do not carry a drop of your blood and are more special and primordial than other people ...

That's why you will always find me and count on me in good times and bad @tibilopez.

Unconditional is the love for the elderly, to respect race, religion and beliefs of people, to lend a hand whenever the other needs it.

This is also part of being HUMANIST.



This would be my favorite word, I would even be able to get it tattooed hehehehe.....
The best example of persistent: studying two careers, respectful parenting, learning about motherhood, being firm in my decisions and learning more and more about web 3.0 every day.

The only thing I need to be persistent in is the exercises, something that I used to do as a routine like brushing my teeth. Now it makes me incredibly lazy. I start hard for a few weeks and take two weeks off. So I think I need to work on that. As I was saying before to turn the negative into a positive.



Since I was 17 years old I have been working, fighting for the things I wanted to achieve. I worked as a promoter for some stores, then I took care of children, and after studying at the university I began to substitute for teachers and since then I have not stopped working in the classroom with children and their different abilities.
It is a beautiful job, but really exhausting.

Today I work as a computer teacher, then I work with pedagogical reinforcement and complementary activities and then I dedicate myself to the 3.0 network to work and study.

thanks to @danielvehe for entering this opportunity. One of the few teachers who dares without stopping.



If I could sleep at least 12 hours I would. But because of everything I mentioned above it's IMPOSSIBLE. Sometimes I use many of those hours of sleep to write and create content.
Here yes, I do have negative things to say and I must confess that I am one of those who postpone the alarm about 3 times before getting out of bed for good.

I must stop procrastinating NOW!
Sorry that's a big flaw.....

Hope you had fun with my entry this weekend.....

Greetings Mr. @galenkp


With what I know about you, I can attest that you are Distracted, Persistent and Hardworking.
I like the way you create content, you are genuine with style.


I admit that I am very absent-minded.... Greetings and thanks for commenting.


Thank you dear friend, I know and I feel it every day of my life, counting on you at all times fills me with joy and tranquility. You are a great woman, your description is authentic in this publication, and it is a pity that there were only 5 words to define you, since you have many more words to do it, you are beautiful and really positive at all times. I was very pleased that you mentioned me in your publication. God bless you and keep giving you that energy so good to continue forward with everything you propose. 😘👐🙏💕


Good morning! Thank you for those beautiful words always. Thank you for always being part of my life and my good and bad things. I love you so much!