JOJO'S STONE OCEAN, the bizarre adventure continue

How about all anime lovers? Someone here who likes JOJO'S because a new arc is coming in the bizarre adventure this time with a cute and rude girl as leader JOLYNE CUJO
jolyne cujo is the daughter of jotaro literally the strongest stand user of all jojos (so far) in this case the story focuses on her daughter who falls into prison for different reasons and jotaro finds out and visits her by activating her STONE stand FREE (I will not give much spoiler) and good inside the prison is that the adventures will happen, one would think that how can there be as much plot as in the other arcs inside a prison? Well if it is possible, it is possible thanks to the bizarre mind of haraki creator of JOJO'S

In this case the villain could be said that he is still DIO but in the background, where one of his followers called Enricco Pucchi through a DIO book will follow the guidelines to get the definitive STAND one that can change the reality of everything and so it goes the history

There will obviously be allies and secondary villains throughout the plot, but I will not count any more spoilers, it remains to wait for netflix to launch the anime and enjoy again the bizarre adventures that hirohiko araki brings us

see you later colleagues anime lovers soon I bring another short analysis of some anime that they bring soon or that exists and maybe some do not know and thus encourage them to see it