vintage beauty and the beast mug CHIP

Good morning to everyone in this community of #hive with the smell of coffee, I hope everything is going well for you today, in my case coming from the gym and remembering a vintage collector's item that would look great for a post and here it is I bring them, the CHIP cup of beauty and the beast
Many already know this character from the movie Beauty and the Beast, that little split cup, in this case a little yellowish but still a good collector's item, this was delivered in a play on ice in the 90s, I think they were made in several countries and it was a souvenir that you could buy, in itself it can be used to drink tea, coffee or chocolate since it is made of good plastic material maybe it was used a lot who knows, she bought it in a garage sale I think in 2019 I really don't remember but here I show them to you


And here ends today's post, I hope you like it, much more soon. I wish you all a good day