Russian President Vladimir Putin's assaults on multiple cities in Ukraine began overnight on Feb. 24 and have continued day and night since then.

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It's another beautiful week we have moved into and am so happy to be here once again to share with us briefly about my own opinions concerning the News I saw some few minutes ago.

Honestly, this recent crisis that has been on going for some time now which has taken the peace of the land and has placed the hearts of poor families, wrecked homes and life's of people which is not funny at all.


The CDP response are not even comfortable to the ears and has been a focus on the humanitarian and needs that has been arising especially among the internal displaced refugees and all.

However, this shows that they are not really even looking at the conflict itself except for the fact that it has gone along way on affecting their population and movements as well and during the month of October they were alot of air strikes which was even launched on the 10 of October since the beginning of Ukraine war.

We can't seat back and continue to watch the increase of crisis going on everyday because there has to be a way out to solve the problem, civilians are being killed and those in power are being knocked down and then looking at these right now there is no peace, love, understanding Among ourselves.

Alot of people are really really suffering every day it's either from one conflict or the other which are targeted on destroying the progress of the country.

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Here's some non bot generated pertinent information, even if its from the first week of the conflict, still revealing and relevant:

Where is Stanley Tany? Fears for African man thrown out of Ukrainian police station after being chased by Neo Nazis

THERE ARE growing concerns for the welfare of an African student in Ukraine who filmed himself allegedly being pushed out of a police station in Ukraine after being chased by Neo Nazis.

Stanley Tany, who is from Cameroon, videoed his ordeal on his mobile phone and the harrowing footage was uploaded to social media platform Tik Tok.

In the now viral video, Mr Tany claims he was chased by Neo Nazis to Ukraine’s police station, where went to seek help, but instead he was pushed out of the station.

Mr Tany has not been seen since.

During the heartbreaking video, Mr Tany says: “I cannot go outside, it’s for my safety, this is a police station, it’s for my security.”

He is then approached by man in a high visibility jacket who attempts to lead him out of the police station.

Mr Tany then says: “It’s for my security, I can’t go outside so many people are outside waiting for me and I cannot go there.

“I cannot go there, so many people are there waiting for me, I can’t go there.”

But he is still ushered towards the exit.

Mr Tany then pleads: “They want to harm me, I cannot go outside.”

Despite fearing for his safety, Mr Tany is then physically pushed and pulled out of the police station by two men.

The video has been widely circulated on social media under the hashtag #StanleyTany and #WhereisStanleyTany?

It was first shared online on March 9 and so far, there has been no update on where Mr Tany is or what his condition is.

There is growing concern about the presence of neo-Nazis in the Ukrainian national guard that is fighting the Russian invasion.

The extreme right Azov Battalion is suspected to be attracting neo-Nazis from across Europe in a fascist fighting force seeking to repel Russian troops.

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