5 Minutes Freewrite Using Prompt- long fingernails

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'Hey! Hold it right there'
I stopped watched the whole congregation turn their faces on me, looking at me as if I stepped on caw dung.
I obeyed the usher and stopped. As she approached me, she looked at me as disgusting, filthy and rotten. I was observing, waiting for her response or any word from her.
Her reaction to my dressing began to piss me off. I couldn't control the atmosphere and somebody must give me an answer to the embarrassment which has caused me my pride.
She came closer to me, wanted to invite some other ushers to me, but I interrupted her actions, asked her what the problem was.
She began to assess my dressing from head to toe, said all manner of things about my way of dressing and showed me examples of dressings that she permits in the gathering.
I nodded my head, swallowing my pride while she showed me where to settle down.
I really admired my long fingernails so much that I never wish to change anything about it, but to be among the leaders of an organization, I must adhere to the rules and regulations guiding it.
Well, I need this particular position in the society and I must get ride of these long nails.
Should I value my dressing than my political aspiration?
Mmmmmh yes!
After all, it's just for a period of time since the position is an appointment. I'll go back to my normal dressing if the position doesn't change me before I leave the office.
I'll be okay at last.