Empowerment of broilers : Routine needs for food and economic resources

Hello hivers, I continue to follow up my homesteading work with broiler empowerment, in the coop!

Broiler farming is very supportive of economic growth, breeding begins with business capital to buy everything the livestock needs, one of which is building a chicken coop, this procedure requires a lot of money to buy building materials of course, then proceed to the stage of purchasing chicken seeds, there will reach supply nursery of 2000 seedlings.

Very not much different from plantations that require large costs for plantation purposes. Broilers are the most sensitive chickens with a clean cage environment, the first start of breeding, the cage must be really clean, a very important treatment to clean the seed shelter.

Reaching an average weight of 0.3 ounces at the age of 30 days, chickens weigh up to 1.5 kg within 2 months, the chickens are ready to be harvested for marketing. Such a huge market demand for broilers is increasing drastically throughout the day.

How to keep chickens healthy?

This step is very important to maintain the health of the chickens by keeping the cage clean, spraying insecticides to kill bacteria in the cage, sowing wood chips that aim to protect the air temperature in the cage, turning on electricity throughout the day so that the nursery meets the needs of the hot temperature inside cage.

At the nursery age, in 1 month, cleaning is carried out every two days, cleaning the floor from seedling dirt, spraying insecticides to eradicate bacteria and fleas in the cage, changing water once a day, giving animal feed twice a day with an average of 5 sacks , and not letting them starve at the same time, this situation is very important because the weight of the chicken will fall if it happens.

Developing an economic system by empowering broilers has become an advantage for those who love the world of animal husbandry, there are many ways to develop an economic system in society in general, gardening and raising livestock have become a necessity to realize the community's economy which is an economic income activity.

Here I get community welfare for activities that support the economy, gardening and raising broilers has become a tradition throughout history for those who live in rural areas, this is usually found in every village to generate the economy in a different way among local people.

Activities that support the community's economy occur throughout the day, there are so many benefits from natural resources that are used as an economy, a lot of biodiversity that encourages them to build the economy.

Breeding broilers is one of the most popular all-day staples on the market, so it's no wonder so many people have the opportunity to make the economy sustainable throughout the day.

Here I have a lot of work to find economic growth, farming is the most profitable job for those who think in the future. There are so many ways to create jobs with a profit in the future, I continue to continue my work as an agricultural industry.


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