Wedding day inscription


I rewrote my memories when I got married several years ago, at the beginning of my intention to marry a girl with a crush on my heart, I had planned something to plan and plan for the future starting with my planning when I already had a household later. Yes, I didn't imagine that having a household would be easier, I would start from the bitter beginnings of life, starting from finances, of course, many people think about that for planning something to be implemented.

I wrote down a lot of planning and planning for the future how I could build my household well, and how to manage finances to make ends meet, I had never thought about that before, I was sure I had to think about everything for the survival of my small family. Now, I think I didn't abandon the planning, I'm still determined that I can spend as long as I want to this day.

I had written many plans in my brain when I decided I was ready to have a home. I have missed many happy life moments planned before I got married. 🙂

When the wedding day took place!

I have spent a lot of my savings on my wedding day, made a lot of surprises and rented the most romantic place for my partner, it was my wish before I got married, I think the moment is only once in a lifetime, I am not afraid to spend a lot of my savings when that. 🙂

Music on honeymoon!
I was carried away by the romance of the drama film On Your Wedding Day which made me want to spend hours with my partner during that time, I wanted to play a romantic man for my partner, I also have a promise for our marriage in our lifetime.🥰

That harmony continues to this day with one son who is very handsome in our household so far.