Sun World Ba Na Hills - "Europe in Miniature" On The Top of Ba Na Mountain πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


Hi everybody! How are you today? I hope you all have a great first weekend of the new year. What do you usually do on New Year's Day? I'm sure everyone is getting ready to start the new year's plans.


In the first days of the new year, I want to spend more time writing about tourist destinations to share with you because this is the most ideal time for us to travel with family. And today I want to share with you a most famous tourist destination of Da Nang that you can consider to add to the list of places to go in this 2022.



Referring to Da Nang, you might think of My Khe beach - one of the 6 most beautiful beaches on the planet with a series of ravishing luxury resorts, or unique bridges such as Han River bridge (spinning bridge) and Dragon bridge (breathing fire and water). In addition, you can also visit a "miniature Europe" right in this livable city.





Sun World Ba Na Hills - "Road to Tien Canh" πŸ’•

The place that I would like to introduce to you is Sun World Ba Na Hills - This place is like a "fairy kingdom" located on the top of the mountain. There are many reasons for this to be called a fairy kingdom and you should read this article to know what it is.


Sun Word Ba Na Hills is a tourist area located on the top of Nui Chua of Truong Son mountain range in Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city. It is about 25 km southwest of the city center. It is 1489 m above sea level, I really admire the people who built these beautiful buildings.

IMG_2101 - Copy.JPG


I went by motorbike because it is the most ideal means of transport for day trips and is close to the city. In addition, I can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way while being proactive about the travel time. The scenery on both sides of the road is really stunning with majestic high mountains, rows of green trees mixed with beautiful colorful flowers.



Ba Na Hills is like a "miniature Europe in the heart of the city" with beautiful ancient architectures. Here there is everything you need to enjoy comfortable moments such as extremely attractive indoor and outdoor games, fragrant flower gardens. All have created an extremely unique Ba Na Hills that makes me really like this place.




Coming to Ba Na, you also have the opportunity to see the beautiful Da Nang from above with fresh air. This place is also likened to the second Da Lat because the weather is always fresh and cool, the highest temperature here is 25 degrees Celsius and the lowest is 2 degrees Celsius, which is the most ideal weather for vacations.





What's so attractive about Sun World Ba Na Hills?

Coming to Ba Na, you won't have to worry about not having a place to play because Sun World Ba Na has a lot of interesting things for you to explore, just afraid you don't have enough time to discover all the beauty of the "fairy kingdom". And I spent 1 day to have great experiences here. To move from one place to another in Ba Na, we used the cable car. This is the most modern cable car route in the world at the time it was built according to European standards. Traveling by cable car is also a very interesting experience when coming to Ba Na.








French Village - Europe in Miniature on the Top of Ba Na

My first attraction is the French Village, it's exactly what its name suggests. French Village is designed with constructions simulating squares, churches, towns, restaurants, hotels, and magnificent castles imbued with classical French architecture style and embellished with added thanks to the brilliantly designed colorful windows. This place has pointed roofs close together against the blue sky, making me feel like I'm standing in front of a picture of a French village. Being able to visit the scenery here is a great gift for an antique style lover like me.




Coming here, you will be able to "live virtual" like traveling in the West by taking pictures of old houses or transforming into a princess in palatial castles. Located at an altitude of more than 1400m, the village is covered with white clouds, I feel like I can reach the clouds just by raising my arm.



If you want to enjoy this moment longer, you can stop by cafe to see the romantic beauty of the French Village and enjoy a glass of sweet chocolate to relax in the melodious French melodies. . If you are lucky, you can also see very special performances of talented dancers here.


c (1).JPG

c (3) - Copy.JPG


Check in Golden Bridge and Mythical Gardens

After leaving the French village, I continued to travel by cable car to an extremely interesting place, the Golden Bridge. Golden Bridge is a very special bridge, featuring creative and unique architecture. It is a must visit when you come to Ba Na.


The Golden Bridge is like a beautiful silk fabric stretching from Marseille station to Thien Thai flower garden on the top of Ba Na mountain. It looks like it is being gently supported by a giant mossy hand of mother nature, creating a beauty that is both warm and magnificent. Standing on the bridge, I can admire the majestic beauty of the high mountains and the beauty of Da Nang city.


IMG_2044 - Copy.JPG

Next we come to the fairy flower gardens located on the left hand side of the Golden Bridge. This is the famous Le Jardin D'amour flower garden that you should not miss when coming here. If you compare Ba Na as a "fairytale place", Le Jardin D'amour flower garden is the residence of angels, because it is so beautiful and brilliant.


The air here is always fresh and cool, people grow a lot of colorful flowers. Looking at the blooming flowers makes my heart feel more peaceful and happy than ever. Le Jardin D'amour flower garden is very large, so it is divided into 9 gardens and each area has its own beauty, you can visit gardens such as Suoi Mo garden, Eden garden, Mystery garden, Uyen garden. Nursery, Meditation Garden, Mythical Garden, Memory Garden, Sacred Garden and Vineyard.




Buffet Party - Happy Party

Besides the interesting destinations, I also enjoyed the buffet here. After a morning of sightseeing and playing games, I also felt quite tired from walking a lot, so I decided to choose a restaurant as the last stop for lunch and rest.

9 (6) - Copy.JPG

I chose Aprabang restaurant - this is a Buffet restaurant and I have to admit that the food here is really fresh and delicious. There are many dishes here such as beef, fried shrimp, seafood, fried chicken, fruit and even cakes. For a girl who is passionate about food like me, a place with a beautiful space with a lot of delicious dishes and with cool fresh air is my own paradise. Everything was perfect.


9 (2) - Copy.JPG

9 (3) - Copy.JPG

9 (7) - Copy.JPG

9 (8).JPG

9 (4).JPG

In the magical mist, next to the ancient castles, Ba Na Hills is not only a great destination for those who want to find a place to rest and relax after stressful working days, but also a destination for those with artistic souls who want to let their souls wander with the wind and clouds. I had a wonderful day on the top of Ba Na mountain, if you have the opportunity to come to Da Nang, please visit and experience interesting things at Sun World Ba Na Hills.


Thank you for reading the article. Wishing you a very happy and enjoyable weekend ❀️


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I guess it’s very cold to go there now but it’s so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


Sun World Ba Na Hills seems like a lovely place:) Thanks for showing us!