Larry The Postman Challenge - Bought a Tower Defense Pack

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The Splinterlands new game Tower Defense Pack pre sale was today. I decided to go ahead and purchase one of the packs even though the game will not be released until the end of the year. I like playing splinterlands so believe that their new game will be just as fun.

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ListNerds Proof of Work

ListNerds if you are not a member you can click the banner below. From the inbox you need to click on 10 emails to qualify for 1 ticket and show proof of your work.

I was busy all morning with offline activities so did not start my normal online activities until well after noon. I made sure I work my email inbox for Listnerds.

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LeadsLeap Proof of Work

Leads Leap, again if you are not a member you can click on the banner below. Once inside you will need to click on 10 Ads to qualify for 1 ticket and show a screen show from the dashboard displaying the clicks and date.
Even though I have been able to put in lots more than 10 visits in the past, today that is all I was able to get in because I did not want to chance rolling into the new day UTC time. I think I still have an hour to go but cutting it close.

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Infinity Traffic Boost Proof of Work

Infinity Traffic Boost, click on the banner to join. You will need to surf 10 sites to qualify for 1 ticket and show a screen shot from the dashboard like or after you complete the 10 site

I was also able to get in the 10 site visits for Infinity Traffic Boost. I am hoping that tomorrow I will be able to spend more time in all the sites.

Infinity Traffic Boost proof of work 09-20-22.PNG

How To Participate

You can earn ALIVE and CTP delegation for one month in a daily drawing by participating.
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