Larry The Postman Challenge - Calmer Day

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Today is turning out to be a much calmer day than yesterday. I like these kind of days much better. Less stress, things flow as planned, overall nice relaxing easy day getting things done that I want to get done.

ListNerds Proof of Work

ListNerds if you are not a member you can click the banner below. From the inbox you need to click on 10 emails to qualify for 1 ticket and show proof of your work.

Worked my listnerds inbox of all emails, made a few comments and upvotes. In my weekly stats, the email that I sent out yesterday is showing. It has already received more than enough upvotes to verify. Hopefully it will not receive any downvotes that moves it down below that level.

ListNerds proof of work 09-16-22.PNG

LeadsLeap Proof of Work

Leads Leap, again if you are not a member you can click on the banner below. Once inside you will need to click on 10 Ads to qualify for 1 ticket and show a screen show from the dashboard displaying the clicks and date.

Since Leadsleap changes day in the middle of my day, I will start taking the full screen shot to show my day and time at the bottom right of the screen. This way it ensures that I am selecting the correct screen shot for my posts.

Leadsleap proof of work 09-16-22.PNG

Infinity Traffic Boost Proof of Work

Infinity Traffic Boost, click on the banner to join. You will need to surf 10 sites to qualify for 1 ticket and show a screen shot from the dashboard like or after you complete the 10 site

Even Infinity Traffic Boost worked better than all the prior week so today is so far a very smooth day for me.

InfinityTrafficBoost proof of work 09-16-22.PNG

How To Participate

You can earn ALIVE and CTP delegation for one month in a daily drawing by participating.
For more information on LarryIsAlive adventures look at the post:
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