Splinterlands - SPS, Vouchers, Packs and Decisions

I am a relatively new player to Play2Earn and more specifically Splinterlands. I started playing Splinterlands about a month prior to the start of the SPS airdrop. Due to my late start, I have a very low collection power. It is only 2,785

Airdrop points 10-30-21.PNG

SPS Accumulation

I have been attempting to accumulate as many SPS and stake them as possible. Since the SPS airdrop started, I would go in several times a day and claim any amounts earned from staking and stake the earnings in order to earn more staking rewards. I have been able to grow my SPS balance to a little over 60 SPS units. Not nearly enough to get 1 voucher airdropped over the course of the first 30 days so that a presale pack could be obtained.

SPS balance and staking.PNG

I had calculated the amount of Vouchers I would received based on the number of SPS I would have accumulated in my Splinterlands account. Let's just say, it would only be around a half of a voucher that I would receive from the airdrop. So based on that, I knew I would sell my fraction of a voucher on the Market. And why not, I would receive around $8 for the fraction of a voucher that I would receive. Enough to buy 2 Chaos packs when they became available to purchase after the presale was over when no voucher would be needed.

Voucher sales price.PNG

Passive Income Token - INDEX

One of my goals is to accumulate several Hive Platform Income tokens so I started with the INDEX token long before I started playing Splinterlands. Granted I have only been on the Hive Platform for six months so not that long compared to those that have been here for years. If you are not aware, the Hive-Engine INDEX Token is a passive Income Token that pays dividends to its holders.

Every week, I would buy a few INDEX tokens. During some weeks, the purchase would not even be a full unit. My plan was that years from now, I would be getting large enough dividends that would pay some of my retirement expenses.


Well if you check out the various token holdings of the Hive-Engine INDEX Token, you will notice that it has a very large DEC holding. In fact, it is one of the largest DEC holders. This means that the INDEX Token is receiving a very large daily airdrop of SPS tokens.

Guess what, then Splinterlands stated airdropping Vouchers. The INDEX fund is distributing the received vouchers to its holders daily as a dividend.


After adding in the INDEX dividends that I will be receiving of Vouchers, I will now be receiving a little over two vouchers during the presale period. As of today, I have 0.989 vouchers.

SPS and Voucher balances 10-30-21.PNG


Needless to say this really complicated my prior decision to sale my fraction of a voucher and wait until after the presale was over. To get a chance, even though it is very small, to receive all 14 airdrop cards would be a very nice bonus.

As most people know, most funds that I have on the Hive Platform are from my posts, comments and curation. The only additional funds are from Noise.cash where I share my content from my Hive Platform posting. Those earnings are deposited directly to my Hive platform account. These are the funds I used to purchase my INDEX holdings.

Based on the information shared in the Splinterlands AMA on October 29th regarding Vouchers, my decision to participate in the presale has become clearer.


This is a screen shot of the Vouchers section from the above Splinterlands AMA post.

Vouchers section from AMA 10-29-21 posting.PNG

Splinterlands will continue dropping Vouchers after pre-sale at double the rate and the next 2 million packs will also require a voucher to purchase. After these first 3 million (1 million pre-sale then 2 million public sale), packs will be available for purchase without vouchers.

Decision Made

I have changed my decision from selling my vouchers on the market to participating in the Chaos Legion Pack pre-sale. I would really like to receive one of those 14 airdrop cards. Purchasing the Chaos packs will also help me use the Alchemy and Legendary potions I have been receiving from my daily quests and Season End Loot Chests.

Chaos Legion Pack.PNG

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Thanks for the article buddy, after reading this it is appearant I need to buy some packs and the economics support it. Even though each pack is like $24 in fiat, I beleive the income potential of the cards received will far out weigh their cost. That is just my two cents lol.


What better way to use your potions and increase collection power which will increase your SPS and voucher drop. The chance to get one of those cards would be wonderful as well. Take care.