Vintage Photos - Oestreicher (1689-1692)

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I made some impulse buys after getting a new scanner and picked up a huge batch of slides a while back. These pictures span from as early as the late 1940s to as late as the early 1990s. These were from Goodwill and eBay (sometimes via estate sales). There are many thousands of these slides. I will be scanning some from time to time and posting them here for posterity.

This set continues a large batch of slides that originally came from an estate sale and appear to have belonged to a locally well known photographer from the Spokane Washington area named Leo Oestreicher, or perhaps a friend or family member of his. These slides contain some landscape and portrait photos but also a lot of typical snapshot photos. Here's an article on him from 1997 which is the only info I have found on him:

I believe that all of these photos were taken near Christmas 1956. The first three were taken at some sort of Christmas dinner that appears to be the same event shown in the previous set (linked above). The last slide is actually labelled "Xmas 1956". The others are only labeled with names. The handwriting is a bit hard to read. I believe that the man in the glasses in the first and last photos is Leo Oestreicher. Since these all had a pretty strong blue tint I've posted the Digital ICE and color restored versions here instead of the raw scans.

Chrystal Morgan + Leo

Vi + Chet Sags

Vi + Chet Sags (Sagn?)

Xmas 1956 with Jolleys (Joeleys?)

The entire collection that has been scanned and uploaded so far can also be found here. This also includes higher resolution versions and versions with post processing.