Splinterlands Report: Chest Rewards.


Once again I am pleased to share my report of the rewards obtained in the Splinterlands daily challenge chests, but before showing what I have obtained in the chests, I will tell you my medium term goal, as I plan to buy some packs or individual cards to continue strengthening my collection and thus have more power of my own.

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Although a few seasons ago I was playing in silver, but because of the time it requires, I had to go back to play in bronze, but in the short term I will return to the silver league.

Chest rewards:

This time I had 6 chests pending and it was time to reveal my rewards, in which I got a legendary potion, another Alchemy potion, 2 merits, 0,016 SPS and two water element cards, namely Merdhampir and Pelacor Bandit, although they are common cards they are very useful to accumulate and increase their level, although for now I will keep them normal, but I already have many of these cards.


As I already mentioned, these cards can be very useful in the future to combine them and have better level cards, for example: Pelacor Bandit needs 14 cards to reach level 3 and I have 16 cards, so it would be possible to strengthen it, as they increase some of its parameters, but for now I will keep them individual.

In this way I say goodbye, I hope to meet the expectations and be to the liking of those who read this publication.

Written in Spanish and translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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