I'm beginning to learn more about life since everyday, every moment, every dream is like a journey to the right frame of mind. Every single thing i taste is a toggle switch to a memory in my head. Some are sweet, some are crusty, some are sour, some are spicy, and some are just bad for the health.
Most times we hear people complaining about life. There is no doubt that we all have experienced our own fair share of life, but despite how bad life is, we shouldn't rule out the fact that life is equally good.

I have always seen life as just a word made up of reality, which is orchestrated by situations that are gotten from decisions made by people. I guess we can all agree with me that life is basically, people's decisions.

But again, where do these decisions come from? What brought about choice and free will?

Tough questions right? To be honest, I really don't have an answer to these questions. What I feel is that the same thing that makes the night cold and the day warm is the same thing that brings about choice and free will which is SPIRITUALITY.

There is no doubt that young people are more healthy, but do we know that old people are more alive? Please don't ask me where I got this fact from. 😂.. I just feel they should be more alive especially after all they've gone through in life. Ranging from the bad decisions they made that marred their life to the good decisions they had to make that made their life. I guess they have seen it all.

The truth remains that even if we all are humans, pain is the only thing that we all have in common in this life. Death is just the end of one's life, it isn't the end of ones soul. We all have two lives and the day we stop thinking its the first time we die. The Devil is not just a being he's also a state of mind. God isn't just the supreme being, he's also that sweet feeling of love in our heart.

The purpose of our existence is being vague to us because of the cadence of life we prefer. We are a living physical representation of our beliefs and mindsets. The way we live our lives matters a lot and the decisions we make goes a long way to determine how our life will be and end up. It goes a long way to make or mar our lives. This is why we must be very careful.

The lion might be the king of the forest but the little dung beetle is one of the reason there's a forest in the first place. We should never belittle anything or anybody in life and we should never forget that anything can happen at anytime since anything is possible in life.

Where I come from, the mad man has no friend, but never would you hear that he died of starvation. Think about this and don't forget there is nothing in this life; don't take it serious, rather love it to the fullest, making the wisest of decisions and choices.

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