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This post doesn't have promotional purposes, although it does contain an affiliate marketing link at the bottom of the page. This post, on the other hand, represents a simple guide towards an initiative with an apparent “Airdrop” functionality (read below to understand what it is) that I found while I was surfing the web. ATTENTION: all information is updated at the time of writing, and may undergo future changes of any kind. Always check before taking any action.


After many and many months, today I am going back to publish something in the Universo Binario community, launched several months ago by myself. The idea for this post came no later than a few days ago, when I opened the browser I use and found a particular ADS thanks to the Presearch search engine extension. You can find a post about Presearch CLICKING HERE

ADS what?

For the uninitiated, the abbreviation ads - used in the advertising work-field - indicates the advertisements (always be careful not to confuse identical acronyms, because in other contexts they could have very different meanings from the one indicated). Online, you can find them in the form of icons, short promotional videos, images, etc., each one that refers you directly to online content, or invites you to go there on your own.

My ads: Ethermail

The ADs I found in front of me were that of an Ethermail-branded e-mail service. Here: now READ the four or five lines under the FIRST POINT at the beginning of the post! I invite you not to use the service without first being informed, also because I am unable to provide certainty about its validity, neither in terms of functionality nor in terms of compliance with the regulations of the various states in which it operates.

Ethermail looks like an email service at first glance. At the time of writing, the service is available to anyone who signs up on their site. An Airdrop is even available: for those who register, and complete the procedure, the platform offers 250 EMC. From their site, it would appear that they intend to launch a future token in which the owners of EMC will be entitled to a certain amount of tokens. However, there are no other guarantees, so I would like to point out that you have to act with caution.

And here we are again... Airdrop what?

Airdrops are generically initiatives in which something is released in exchange for something else; something else that ranges from absolutely nothing to the completion of specific actions required by the projects that launch them. In the crypto landscape, there are many ones: the most classic give the right to obtain "tokens" in exchange for a series of actions aimed at promoting on social media and/or subscribing users to the services offered by the projects that launch them.

Do I want or not want to try it: this is the question you need to ask yourself. The risk can be everywhere, and I don't hide from you that it's especially true for online projects in the crypto and blockchain sectors. I wanted to try, so I decided to summarize what you will have to do if you want to trust this project too. However, carefully check all the terms and conditions that you find on the site.

If I would...

If you would like to participate, then here are the steps you will need to follow. A necessary requirement is to have a cryptowallet (in my case, Metamask). However, I would like to emphasize, quoting a famous statement, that there is no certainty of the future. Therefore, the steps required to register for the platform may change over time. Here are the steps I followed during my registration.

Point 1: we connect to the site The site is https certified, a protocol that gives us a first good clue in favor of the site's security.

Point 2: click on the button on our left that reads “Sign up for free”. A central window will open in which we have to "tick" (ie click with the left mouse button on it) the white rectangle next to "I'm not a robot". Other windows may appear in which we will be asked to choose some images that contain a particular object. We will have to follow the instructions and then confirm. This method is the so-called "captcha resolution", a method that allows you to avoid some lower-end automated bots: in short, to understand that behind the screen there is more likely a person and not another computer trained to simulate the presence of him/her.

Point 3: once the captcha is solved, a new window will appear in which we will have to click on the preferred cryptowallet among those supported. In my case, either Metamask or Walletconnect. I chose the first. You can find more about metamask in A PREVIOUS POST. If you have also installed it, once you have clicked on the Metamask option, the so-called "dialog box" will open with the extension present on your browser. I report that some browsers could give problems: in my case, I often have problems using Metamask from a Brave browser preset with a factory mode; it works decently on the Chrome browser instead.

Point 4: once you have entered the password of your Metamask account, a new dialog box will open: here you will have to sign the automatic message ("I have read and accepts the term and conditions of the website") by clicking on "Signature".

Point 5: at this stage, a window will appear in the center of the page asking you to enter an e-mail address you already have as a secondary address. If you complete this step, you will get 200 EMCs.

Point 6: after entering it, click on “Next”. A series of windows will appear that you will have to scroll through confirming, and in which you will be announced that you have just earned 250 EMCs (however you must have indicated the secondary e-mail address).

Point 7: subsequently, we will have to confirm a new Metamask window, thanks to which we will authorize Ethermail to recover the keys with which the app can become functional. Here we go on the technical, and I am not an expert; however, it will serve to give a sort of authorization and an authentic trace of your interactions with the systems in play. Ethermail says it uses the Thor Protocol to get its services up and running.

Point 8: and nothing, at this point we will find ourselves in front of our account page. From here we can see the e-mails received or send on our own.

As we can see, a couple of automatic emails are already there. One of the two contains an affiliate link to share with others. If someone uses our link to sign up, we will get 250 EMCs (at least, this says on the site). I have not yet had the opportunity to prove if this is true.

But, if you decide to try signing up the platform, this is my AFFILIATE LINK:


E-mail Services Provider

which will redirect you to the official EtherMail page. If you follow all the steps starting from this link, I can maybe get some EMCs.

I hope that the post can help you and give you an idea to inform about a new service. In the crypto and blockchain landscape there are many ones: as already highlighted, pay close attention and avoid interacting with projects you have any doubts about. The compromise of the private keys of every crypto wallet always involves major (and, more often than one would like, irremediable) consequences.

I greet you, and see you next post!

If you want to know more about the Universo Binario community, you can consult the INTRODUCTORY POST HERE and HERE. Anyone wishing to share experiences or knowledge in the Internet Technologies and digital landscape will be welcome.