Enjoy cheap food


This morning we tried to enjoy delicious and cheap food on the side of the road, the food here is in the form of noodles, meatballs, as well as other snacks that are traded by traders to support the daily lives of their families who are at home, the food here is delicious- delicious and cheap too.

![img_0.22890888784312874.jpg]() ![img_0.17358353077016658.jpg]()

What I eat here is chicken meatball noodles, there are lots of people here to enjoy delicious and cheap food, so we try to eat directly on the spot so we can enjoy the crowds of people here.

![img_0.8608836134998564.jpg]() ![img_0.8578923976300407.jpg]()

Hopefully friends are happy by looking at my posts so that we can support each other in my writings so that we can become great people.