Blockchain Poets ~ Week in Review for Jan 2 to Jan 9 ~ AMAZING Poems ~ Hive SBI Winners, CCC winners, too

Here are the poems published to Blockchain Poets for the week of Jan 2–Jan 9. Let’s have a look at the poems then we will get down to the contest winner. There were 41 of them this week. Wow!!

This Week’s Poems

Love It by @todayslight
Food Is the Energy Booster by @repayme4568
Sleeping at Night by @repayme4568
Smiley Moon by @emmaba1
From an English Word to an Old Chinese Poem by @kaixin
Water PSA by @ange.nkuru
I Write Your Name by @penyaircyber
Dibujandote (poema) 「Esp-Eng」 by @adriangamerxd
Memories by @todayslight
Dare to Live / Atrévete a vivir 「Eng/Esp」 by @technicalart
Dreaming of Turtles ~ Haiku of Japan by @dbooster
Pure by @hilbyguy
Drunks by @todayslight
My Heart Is A Bear Trap by @ambigenius
Could This Be Love? by @martinlazizi
Canicula Nights 「ENG/ES」 Noches de Canícula by @cesarj21
Fear of the Living by @todayslight
The Rose of My Heart by @repayme4568
Happy Birthday, Gibran: Artist, Philosopher, Mystic by @yahia-lababidi
In the Dimension of Light by @penyaircyber
About Twelfth Night and Epiphany by @kaixin
Jesus Is Coming in the Cloud by @jacco25
「ESP-ENG」 Porción. (Poema Original) by @joseitosanchezs
Duty by @itsostylish
The Atmosphere of Love by @repayme4568
The Publicity We Need by @repayme4568
I do by @todayslight
Fragments of Childhood by @maylenasland
Short Meditation on the Many Silences… by @yahia-lababidi
Did You Had Enough Celebration? by @repayme4568
Frailty by @sakura1012
I Know by @todayslight
Power by @veektur21
The Storm Breaks Up - (Poetry Reading) by @raj808
What More Is Left? by @davidbright
The Best Moment of My Life by @repayme4568
After the Rain by @penyaircyber
Wake Up With You / Despertar contigo 「ENG/ESP」 by @mundomanaure
The Sunshine That’s Missing by @drwom
Difficult Is the Starting - Happiness Is the End by @repayme4568
This Wisdom, That Pierces The Sky by @trucklife-family

There we go. If you have time, check them out and see what you think. And if you like any, let the author know about it by leaving a great comment!


Comments were really great this week. Many of you went above and beyond and offered many great comments. Thank you! I’m sure everyone who got your great comments really appreciated them!

@joseitosanchezs, @martinlazizi, @repayme4568 all gave a huge number of comments, so 1 SBI to each of you!


Winner of Hive SBI and CCC

Remember, only people who gave two comments for every poem they posted are eligible for this contest. The only exception is that new poets are giving a pass their first week here.

Excluding myself, that puts 15 people in the running for HIVE SBI and 8 people in the running for CCC tokens.

I threw you guys into a random picker

and the winner is…

For Hive SBI:

@martinlazizi - 3 SBI
@raj808 - 2 SBI
@emmaba1 - 2 SBI
@joseitosanchezs - 2 SBI
@veektur21 - 1 SBI


For CCC tokens:

@davidbright - 500 CCC
@jacco25 - 500 CCC
@martinlazizi - 500 CCC
@maylenasland - 500 CCC
@joseitosanchezs - 500 CCC



(if you aren’t sure what SBI is, it’s kind of lifetime payment system. You can read about it here)

And thank you all for your wonderful poems!

Next Week ~ Next Prize

Next week will be the same reward — shares of Hive SBI and CCC. For CCC, you must use the #creativecoin tag. For both SBI and CCC, you must comment.

The exact amount of Hive SBI depends on how many poets submit poems for the week.

0–9 poets - 1 SBI
10–19 poets - 5 SBI (split 2–2–1)
20–49 poets - 10 SBI (split 3–2–2–2–1)

(Note, these numbers don’t include @moeknows or myself.)

So if you want a chance for Hive SBI, go write a poem! If you want a chance for a lot of Hive SBI, go recruit others (and write a poem)! Spread the word, upvote and share this post to make it more visible, contact poet buddies on Discord and try to talk them into joining our group.

Just remember the rules:

  1. Comment on two other poems for every one that you post
  2. Make it a good comment (not just “great poem!”)
  3. If you offer criticism, keep it gentle and polite and remember the golden rule of criticism: say at least two positive things for every one thing you criticize.

Anyone caught breaking these rules will not be eligible for the reward.

I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s new poem in this next week.

(Note: If you’d like to donate anything for the contest, such as Hive Engine tokens or Hive, please get in touch with me. Look for me as dbooster#6252 on Discord.)

Calling all previous Blockchain Poets: @a-lass-wonders @aa9 @abisag @adriangamerxd @agreste @ambigenius @amnes14 @ange.nkuru @anj @azabache2021 @blockchainbeth @cesarj21 @chinyerevivian @chrysanthemum @cliffagreen @d-pend @danmaruschak @dante31 @darkfemme @davidbright @drwom @emmaba1 @emptyintentions @emrysjobber @evagavilan2 @evergreenfavour @fatma–27 @forthefree19 @fredfettmeister @georgelumayag @greenie.girl @hamsterpoweriii @harryhandsome @harryq11 @hbelakon1975 @heartofdarkness @hermaryrc @hilbyguy @hitz75 @ismelda2305 @itsostylish @jacco25 @jakim7 @jane1289 @jearyjoe @jesuspsoto @joalheal @johnbenn @johncarty859 @joseitosanchezs @josemalavem @justme4u @kaixin @kemmyb @kraken99 @latino.romano @lecumberre @litguru @littlepiggies @ljus @lv99-rd-chocobo @lymepoet @maccazftw @martinlazizi @martthesquire @mavido @maylenasland @mejs @mirilarbarr @missingnins @mistural @mundomanaure @murliwala @myklovenotwar @oldschoolzen @orthodoxnudism @oscarpower55 @owasco @penyaircyber @peter32 @pregosauce @primestacks1 @raj808 @rajiola @ramisey @rene.neverfound @repayme4568 @rikarivka @riverflows @sakura1012 @schreib.hamster @sgarciacine @shiftrox @sisc @sp3ktraline @strivenword @tahminasyed @takeonrules @tasonia @technicalart @temitopemichael @tezmel @thecreativecasa @todayslight @todayslight @trucklife-family @tuha.peut @unpoetaenamorado @veektur21 @viadelboss @vikbuddy @vision-of-esca @warpedpoetic @weone @witherbloom @yablonsky @yahia-lababidi @yen1503

(If you’d rather not be mentioned here, let me know)

All poets and poetry lovers are encouraged to join Blockchain Poets, a Hive community started by @moeknows and run by him and @dbooster.

Thank you all for submiting your wonderful work and reading. You rock!

Join Us ~ Share Great Poetry ~ Blockchain Poets

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    Excelente trabajo el que hacen. Felicitaciones.


    Thank you very much for this. I am new to this platform and excited to partake in this competition weekly!!
    Let's goooo.


    Thank you for submitting your poetry!


    Entirely my pleasure! I'm so glad to be part of this community. I look forward to learning a lot and seeing other's perspectives of life.


    Wow I got lucky again on the SBI wheel of fortune 😂

    Many thanks for all you do keeping a poetry community alive on hive @dbooster & all the great poets/commenters.


    Glad you got lucky again, buddy. And we are all very lucky to get your fantastic poems every week. Thanks for being a member! 😃


    Thank you so very much for the mention and the 2SBI. But please, I do not really understand the significance of it. I went through the attached link about it but didn't really understand what was there. Could you please explain better to me its use?
    Once again, thank you!
    I'm so glad to be here.


    Lifetime votes to support your Hive journey. A pending balance dedicated to your support will gradually grow, and then a vote is delivered whenever the pending balance gets large enough.


    Thank you very much for this!
    What about the CCC?


    That's a separate token that would appear if you use a supporting wallet (leodex, peakd wallet, hive-engine, tribaldex, keychain).


    Interesante el trabajo que haces para promover la poesía; recibe parte de nuestro néctar por tu trabajo. Somos @abejaobrera.