Fear is the Khrushchev-Killer ~ Still Fathers Day


Yesterday I posted some father's day gifts from my kids.

I got another gift, this time from a student. This one is really cool.

As the label says, it's ink. Fountain pen ink, to be exact, tho I suppose you could probably use it for all kinds of other things. And yeah, that's Nikita Khrushchev pointing and yelling his famous quote, "We will bury you", or Мы вас похороним! in Russian. Too bad this label didn't use the photo from the speech of him waving his shoe.

I didn't ask where he bought it. It's an American ink from a small independent company run by a guy who loves history.

It's a dark red ink and came with a free pen. Usually free fountain pens are trash, but this one writes pretty good! Here's a quote from the book I showed you yesterday written with the ink and pen.

I wonder if I have any more Father's Day gifts coming...


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    What an awesome gift! Fear is the mind killer indeed. That's so awesome!