My Hive Goals ~ 19-25 Sept 2022

Things keep puttering along in the market. This morning as I finish this up for posting, I see Hive has fallen under a half dollar. So it goes. We've been down to a dime at least twice so I'm not concerned, but still... kind of a bummer to see. But in all other things, I'm going strong. HPUD is soon, so I'll try to set aside at least $100 for that. Earnings remain steady. I passed my 5 year mark last week. Let's hope year 6 is when everything moons!

There are currently just a few coins I'm focusing on in the Hive ecosystem. These are Hive itself, HBD, SPT, PIMP, and BRO. I'm also stacking DEC and SPS, but I'm not focusing on buying them, just keeping whatever I make from posting, playing the game and renting and stacking it.

So let's dive into each of these.

Hive & HBD

My current goal is 10k Hive.

How will I get there? I post everyday and so a quarter of that automatically gets added to the total powered-up. In addition I try to power up at least 50-100 every HPUD.

This past week I made 39.85, bringing me to 6,980.98 total Hive Power. That's 69.8% of my goal!

With HBD my current goal is 1.8k. At the current 20% interest, 1800 HBD will earn around 1 HBD per day. That seems like good place to pause and reassess my goals, so let's get to that point.

This past week I put 10.058 into savings, bringing me to 1022.733 HBD. That's 56.8% of my goal!


My overall goal here is 1000 BRO to make it into dragon club, but first stop along the way is 100 BRO.

Last week I bought and earned 3.98304101, which puts me at 83.516 total or 83.5% of my goal.


My goal here is currently 200k SPT.

I was buying SPT everyday to average in, but I put the buys on hold for right now as I focus more on BRO.

That means currently I am just stacking the SPT I make everyday from curation on my @dbooster.spt account and the posts I make there, both of which give me around 100-300 SPT per day on average.

I made 1,761.992 SPT last week, putting me at 114982.09745, or 57.5% of my goal.


My goal with PIMP is all the PIMP. But just to pick a number for achievement motivation purposes, my current goal is 40k PIMP.

I have also paused my PIMP buying as I focus on BRO, but I do have some coming in. I get about 50-100 daily from curation, LPs, and posts.

I made 277.5599 PIMP last week, putting me at 34,611.3761 — 86.5% of my goal.


I am not actively buying either of these, I am just stacking the SPS I make from other sources. DEC I am mostly stacking too, but I do browse the card market every few days and will pick up anything that seems to be a good deal. I am currently renting out most of my cards, so any cards I buy I just turn around and start renting out.

This past week I made 116.456 in SPS and 17,524.666 in DEC. Most of that DEC was from rentals and went back into cards. Most of the SPS was from the single pool or the LP and all of it went back into the single pool. So far I haven't spent any on Riftwatcher packs. I can't afford to buy in heavily, so if I do buy any packs I'll probably just hold them unopened.

And forward we go! It was a strong week. Let's see how this coming one goes!

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    17k DEC from rental that's a serious collection!
    I don't know for you but last week my rental earnings dropped 40% and I still don't understand what's going on 😅


    Yeah, mine too. I was making 5k per day, but that's fallen to around, as of today, 2k. I don't know why, but it is a worrying trend.


    That is not a pleasing news for sure!
    I fought a few battles this afternoon and I noticed that the SPS reward per battle dropped significantly as well (I used to earn 0.2 per win and now 0.08).
    Maybe it comes from the reallocation of SPS reward per league.
    If the rewards dropped significantly, bot are maybe on hold and thus not renting cards...

    Let's hope the renting market recovers rapidly !