Weekly Development Updates for D.Buzz - Today: Video support and Buzz interface refresh


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Weekly Development Updates for D.Buzz - Today: Video support and Buzz interface refresh

Welcome to Tuesday.

Since we are all visual creatures that love our movies, images and all the other visual elements, it was only a matter of time to come up with something that would combine all of that. And, that's exactly what the new updates from D.Buzz is all about – short videos and short stories, combined into one.

The new update rolling out in the next 48 hours (*If all goes well on the in-house testing), will allow you to, natively, upload 60-second videos to your D.Buzz Feed.

The process will be the same as uploading a picture, and it will appear in your buzz after the content. When rolled out, you will see a new icon on your Buzz dashboard. When you click this, you will be able to look on your device or hard drive for a video to upload.

At this time, we have not set a file size limit, but we may do so before we deploy this new feature on the public testing network, Next.D.Buzz.

Interface Refresh

As a blogger, you know it's important to have a clean interface. It's not just for appearances; it's also for usability. While the v.4 of D.Buzz is still a ways off, we wanted to clean up the current UI.

When we push the Video update, we will also be pushing a UI clean up (*So long as it passes the in house QA testing). The image below is a draft of what we are shooting for. The image on the right is the current UI, the image on the left is the refreshed UI.


The final results may be different as we tweet the colors and positions, but this is about 80% of what we are shooting for.

We think this will help our users have a better experience on D.Buzz, while also opening up UI space for future planned tools and features. (*AND, we do have a lot planned for 2022! 😉).

Delegation Script

Talk about a script that has given us a run for the money lol.

With development setbacks, hurdles, holidays, power outages and more, this script has been a whale to tackle. However, the Dev team says they are days away from finishing it and pushing it out to the Test Net Next.D.Buzz. So with luck, the code wizards at D.Buzz will have this deployed this week.

What does it do?

The mile-high summary is that this script will provide an HP delegation to accounts that are new (Referred from D.Buzz), or by request (no matter who referred the account) on a sign-up page.

The account will get a small HP delegation from D.Buzz to get that going (RC credits you know). The delegation will last for 30 days before it will need to be renewed. However, if the account gets red-flagged or gets HP greater than the delegation, then it should be revoked automatically.

We will have more on this when the script gets launched.

We are pushing to make this platform your home on Web 3.0. There are a lot of cool features we are looking at and have on the roadmap, so, as always, stay tuned for the next big thing soon. :)

Thank you for reading the weekly updates for today.

What are your thoughts on the updates above?

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