Recap from today's booster draft

Hey there! Today was awesome. The ever awesome K0LDX and Foxxo joined me along with another friend for some Condemned today. I placed an order for a prototype from SZPC a few months ago. If you missed the unboxing, here you go:

I used placeholder art for these cards, this was all by design. Since then, I've made some changes and arranged for the best possible product. I still had this booster box, and pack that needed to be used.

Now, The Condemned is designed to be drafted. I have booster drafts planned as a regular part of the competitive scene. So the only logical solution here was to have a little booster draft!

I had invited a lot more people, but I didn't get nearly enough people. We only had 4 for the pod, which is the bare minimum you need for a proper draft. No matter! We mat the threshold, that's all that mattered!

I drafted GRip, with a bunch of Football Armor and puncture weapons. Now, this box was ordered before I had made some changes to the Football Armor set. This set of armor was pretty degenerate. Like, hella degenerate. That's fine, but my deck was built to slay!


Foxxo and I had a pretty fantastic matchup. That is, it was fantastic for me. Not so much for him. He had a bunch of stuff that didn't really do much damage to me and my armor. I had a lot of answers for his deck.


Poor Foxxo...

K0LD, on the other hand...

He had a very, very solid deck. Exo-Legs are very powerful, and that shielding ability is super useful. He whittled me down to 3 life, and then used Blood Magic for the lethal. It was a very solid setup. Ophid plays super nice with Heavy Armor. This was actually by design. And K0LD managed to draft more than a few. It was just enough for him to best me.

This was a super awesome draft, and I can't wait to finally release this game to the public. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you guys pick up your own copies of The Condemned!