Bangers for the blockchain! May 2022 edition.


Yo. How's it going, you bunch of cuties? I've been placed against my will back on my PC and forced to write another post recommending you guys musical tracks. Please, God, forgive me. I've decided I think from now on I'll just do one of these a month, maybe two if I really find a ton of tracks that I'd like to share. I used to want to do these weekly, but, I've kinda lost my drive a bit for writing out content lately. I think I'll be back to normal in a few months, just gotta get through some things currently. Anywhooo. If you've never seen one of these posts before, it's just a little curated post of songs/bands that I've found in recent times which I enjoyed, that many of you have probably never heard of. Now, I'm a big fan of metal music so that tends to be a pretty decent majority of the music I share here, but I do try to throw in a few tracks that appeal to a wider audience here and there.

So, lets get into the boner jams, my doods.

1:Sun Eater by Lorna Shore

The first track is coming from probably my current favorite band, Lorna Shore. Everything that they have put out since Will Ramos joined the band several months ago has been an absolute fucking banger. The instrumental work is top notch and very tight, and the vocal range that Will has is insane. Hands down the best deathcore vocalist in the game right now right up there with Alex The Terrible. This particular tracks tone ventures down a different path from the EP they released, while that EP was more blackened deathcore this has a sort of happy melody to it. Almost like a fantasyesque type of tone, it kind of reminds me of a medieval melody mixed with a choir. I think it's a great contrast with the crushing vocals either way. The guitar in this track also gives me an absolute chub, it has one of the better guitar solos I have heard in a long time, and the main riff sounds really fun while being so damn fast. I just really enjoy this song, big recommend if you're a metal boi like myself.

2: Playing God by Polyphia

This track is probably the best pick for anyone looking for less heavy music. It's also features a prog rock band that is one of the best that's ever been around, the things they're able to do with their instruments are fucking wild. I have a very hard time finding many other guitar players that can compete with the sheer talent that Tim Henson has, especially when it comes to his own unique style. This track in particular stands out from their other recent work with the electric-acoustic guitars they're using, which give it a sort of spanish type of vibe/sound which I find interesting. If you're looking for some insanely talented musicians to listen to, or if you like instrumental bands without vocals to zone out to like a filthy zombie, then this is a solid choice for you.

3: Keep Digging by For The Likes Of You

My third track for this week is a smaller deathcore band called For The Likes of You. I discovered this band due to the vocalist being a youtube personality by the names of Austin Dickey. You might have seen him and not even realized it if you're a fan of Jared Dines, as they're long time friends and work together quite a bit. Austin Dickey has a bunch of different projects going right now, but, I personally enjoy this one the most out of them. Instrumental wise this track isn't too crazy in comparison to the other songs, but, it still has a very fun groove, some rad breakdowns and some nice riffs. His vocals are some top tier stuff, however. And, I also quite enjoy his lyrics. Which is the big draw for this song to me. If you like super talented metal vocalists, then I'm sure you'll dig this.

4: Telescope by Tallah

The final track I'm tossing in here for this post is from a band I have shared once before, but, I'm doing it again because they've been killing it with the music they have been putting out lately. Tallah is a modern Nu-metal band, and they're easily my favorite one in the current scene. They have a very unique sound to their music, and their instrumental work is rock fucking solid. The vocalist has a very unique range/style that the only person I could compare him to would be Mike Patton, even though they're very different from one another. If you want a unique sounding nu-metal band, this is easily the best choice, you sluts.

Well, that concludes my recommendations for this months edition. There was a few other tracks that I was considering adding onto here. But, I'll just save that for the start of next month. Hope that anyone reading this found at least one song that they vibe with. If not, then I guess you're just a fucking virgin. Pussy.

Alright, well, take it easy, doods!



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