Cracking open 8 Hanna Barbera Funko NFT packs.

Looks like my addiction of hoarding digital cardboard continues, my doods. Yesterday was the most recent Funko NFT drop, and this one was themed around the classic Hanna Barbera cartoons that I'm sure many, many of you boomers grew up with. The hype with this drop seemed semi mixed in comparison to past drops, but the packs still sold out regardless. If you're unfamiliar with who Funko is, they are a toy company that is extremely popular around the world for their goofy little figures. There's big collectability throughout their vast array of products, some of which have sold for upwards of 45-100k in recent times. The big appeal with their NFT drops is that several of the harder to find ones are able to be redeemed for a physical product that you'll receive later on, all of which are limited to pretty small amounts all things considered. There's also a royalty set to complete with each drop, where you collect each of every common to epic rarity cards and are granted a token for a redeemable pop as well.

I grabbed 8 packs through the drop itself and then the aftermarket afterwards. It was way easier than it normally was, due to the devs patching a way for bots to get in. However, the bot devs already figured out a workaround for the next drop from whispers along the grapevine. So, I'm sure the next drop will be aids like always. But, yeah. I didn't go too crazy with this drop like I have for some of the others in the past. As the only thing I really wanted for myself was to finish the royalty set and get the redeemable for that, which is Freddy Funko as Space Ghost. Definitely the coolest one out of the bunch. (Shown below, since I realized probably none of you know what the fuck I'm talking about.)