Riff of the week: Blue Morning by Greeley Estates


Yooo. Back with another high octane post in my semi annual post where I play some riffs from a song that I enjoy. This time around I'm playing something from a band that pretty much no one probably even remembers or has heard of, Greeley Estates. These guys were a post hardcore/metalcore band from back in the day that I really enjoyed. They were semi popular for a good amount of years, but, never really blew up and then they split a few years ago. They've got some really fun riffs and I definitely think I'll do a full cover of this track in the future and probably some other ones. I may even change the format and just do actual videos of me playing and not just the audio recording if I decide to get a ring light and spend the extra time editing a video. Guess we'll see if the crippling depression eases up a bit, eh?

But, yeah. Until next time, doods. Later!