Halizar Ankhimar | Splendor Dawn

Howzit, OCA Folk!

This is more a check-in than an official upload. It's just for control as I wait for my tablet to come home. While we wait, why not post this on here.

On some separate good news, I've been verified on Known Origins as an artist and will be putting up pieces on there that will be focused of work like the Halizar Ankhimir piece done some weeks back. So stay tuned for that>

Splendor 2078x3200.jpg

Unfortunately, this won't be available on any of my NFT pages, at least until I can get some sales on @nftshowroom, Rarible. Hopefully, that happens instead of having to liquidate my stake a little.


If you'd like to support me, you can get my artwork on @NFTShowroom and Rarible.

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  • Samsung Tab SM-T805 (Ipad Pro Mini or a Wacom one in my wishlist)
  • Ibis PainterX Android
  • Infinite Painter Android
  • Clip Studio Paint

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