Halizar Ankhmir | Aureate Eclipse (NFT available on NFTShowroom)


Hello OCA Folk.

Two weeks later and nearly quitting the whole thing, I'm finally done with this piece.

Halizar Ankhmir Aureate Eclipse 2176x1536.jpg

Halizar Ankhmir | Aureate Eclipse (NFT Available)

This is a reworking of a painting I did some four months back - Black Empress which was a portrait. Here I've reimaged it as a dramatic full illustration.


Previously, I had set out to do something original but was just not winning and I have to admit, I nearly just folded altogether and quit on the project.

And so, I went back to the drawing board and referred back to some of my older stuff. I learned the value in pausing and reevaluating the whole work and direction.

If you'd like to buy this and also support me while you're at it, you can get Halizar Ankhmir | Aureate Eclipse (NFT Available) and other work on @NFTShowroom.

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  • Samsung Tab SM-T805 (Ipad Pro Mini or a Wacom one in my wishlist)
  • Ibis PainterX Android
  • Infinite Painter Android
  • Clip Studio Paint

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Think the top pic would make a pretty good poster XD Had a look at the thing you said you reworked and wow you really did some reworking O_O

Pausing and thinking about things is never a bad thing and it's also okay to quit or take a break (short, extended or permanent XD) from a piece if it's not working out for you :)