Meet The Meek Mib. (Cont'd)

Living in a suburban environs isn't always poor. I dived into a foot-paved route right behind my house and was enjoying the fresh breeze of the weather. In fact, it's my favourite weather of all seasons. With my airpods attached to my hears blast the sonorous rhythms of Aurora right into my brain.

Not sooner that I was advancing on this course than I was hearing a helpless moan of a creature. I wasn't so sure of the sound, so I unplugged my airpods and followed the sound right to the spot of existing a helpless cat in the wild. Roaming about the wet soil of the ground. I could sense his coldliness, shaking and gnashing jaws like he's about to lose its life.

I was perturbed, didn't know what to do. Looked around and around, I found nothing, I didn't even know what I was looking for. Then I just know I must be the very last hope for this wandering creature. I knew I needed to help him. I suppose it would have been better if he could talk, explain to me his condition. What about his owner? Where was he coming from? How did he end up here helplessly?

However, I took him home, cared for him the way I could. Got him warmed and fed. He seemed happy, at least hopeful he wouldn't die for the while. One should witness how he consumed the feed fed to him, I couldn't doubt him almost starving to death. He ate and ate and ate till I could figure the roundness of his belly then he slept.

Long story short, I've never been a fan of a cat or any creature of its kind. If you're an indegineous Yoruba, you would understand better how greatly we despise cats, especially black ones as they symbolizes evil. But months living with Mib has been nothing but joyous, joyful, pleasant and calming experience. I call him my gentle, sole companion. We both could spend days indoors without experiencing the outer world. I've never been lonely with Mib around, the way he coos as a baby is thrilling, and I enjoy petting him as well.

My solitude journey has never been complete without Mib and he has helped me a lot about myself. I've encountered some self realizations in months with Mib around. Speak of how he listens carefully and attentively to my songs as if he understands anything I'm mouthing. Well, who knows? Mib is gentle ana meek as a sheep, reason for his name Meek Mib. He's been my number one fan right from day one and till the moment.

I suppose I should end my tale about Mib this point, thanks for reading this far and Mib sends his pleasantries too.

Pictures displayed are shot and edited by yours truly, Debolu.