Sadistic Clown Faced Monsters of the Japanese Empire, Digital Art

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In this post, I tell the story of a criminal with a clown face who was cursed to become a monster by a hermit so that he would regret having committed a crime and reflect on all his mistakes.

And the setting of the story is in the Japanese imperial era in the past.

However, instead of repenting because he had been cursed to become a monster, he instead took advantage of the monster's stronger physique to be able to kill as many as he liked, with a large sword in his right hand and also claws in his left hand and a tail that could throw humans to death. this is a very real threat.

Finally, the Japanese imperial clans united to fight this clown monster.

But, did they succeed in killing this creature?

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Tools I use:
Windows 7 computer, Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Clip Studio Paint.

Stages from Sketching to Coloring:

Final rendering result:

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