Digital AI Art and its Impacts to Industry and Mind


Hello there!
In case you are familiar, I am usually taking ideas and topics to dive deep,
Today I would like to discuss the topic of Digital AI Art.
Lately I have been generating using public tools some interesting art,
More Particularly I had been experimenting with python-based programs which generate images based on written descriptions, we all know "DALL-E 2" perhaps by media or such,

Here is an example of an "Alien Meditating on Sun":

Now I would like to discuss a few things about these AI Generated Images,
For the elephant in the room, I have noticed that there is a lot of concern regarding real art being potentially replaced by AI Art, although this is a possibility it is often not the case, you see... many of those AI generated images rely on real data to perform anything, data taken... yes, by artists.
The use case of such AI can be in collaboration with artists for faster production.
What do I mean here? Artists already have collaborated with AI to generate content, some artists use the AI to close the gap of concept art (ideas) and the final product, in other words it takes a few steps from the process an makes it faster.
Artists can also combine a few generated variations to create their own unique piece.

Here comes the question, who really "owns" the art? Well that's a tough one, it is really a gray area, to what degree is a piece or an idea really original?
Perhaps people could use tools to check how much of a final product owes generated revenues to a creators based on % of what is used on the final product.
In any event, I would also like to discuss the more psychological influence of the tech.

Since I have been experimenting with generating art, I am sure like everyone else that the AI can take the piece into a very literal direction, it can create some very disturbing images...
What is the implication of such?
The effect can be (at least in my opinion) affecting mental health to the same degree similar to watching back-to-back horror movies, it depends on the person of course.

If you have scrolled through a lot of generated images to reach the one you desire, you may have noticed that by the end of the day before you go to sleep those images pop-up in your mind's eye,
therefore anything disturbing can merge into our mind and not always in a good way,

Those "prompts" or "commands" we give to the computer are in turn giving back a result and sometimes we (the user) get programmed as well.
Yes, we interact with the machine, we are teaching it but it is also soft-programming us.
Just like the AI, our brain is potentially also taking-in the information shown and makes something out of it.

On the flip side, this can be used to help artists with aphantasia as it helps with visual idea generation.

Here is a picture of a Dragon God!

Another point is obviously the generation of fake evidence being more readily available, something to also keep in mind.

I would like to close it by mentioning that we of course are to be aware of such process and utilize it properly to achieve what we wish for, to see that our technology is directed for fulfilling our needs as a primary objective while assessing the consequences. Technology is like Magic and can be amazing after all!

Thanks for reading so far, I wish you a wonderful day and safe travels!

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