June 24, 22: Routine, Still Pain, Oculus, Pizza Trivia, Web Work, TV, and Games



Wow! Yet another day of not achieving my step goal. 😡 I guess that officially counts as a streak; or would that be an anti-streak? 🤔 Either way, it ain’t good and it’s pretty much unprecedented since I started tracking my fitness goals.

My back is feeling better, for sure, only at a four, maybe, versus the seven or eight that it has been. I tried to just chillax my brain after being all uptight yesterday (which doesn’t help being tense), but I did want to take away from my anxiety attack the impetus to focus and get things going with the website.

Unfortunately, although I thought a lot about it, I was getting that upset stomach feeling and couldn’t get myself to sit down to it. I had the usual morning stuff to take care of, anyway, and didn’t want to start loading on the pressure and making myself feel bad about it, so I procrastinated for a while (at least as far as that’s concerned).

I was really happy to see that my Polygon “investment” has at least come back level to where it was when I dumped out of FIRE. Yeah, still losing, but not more than I was because of that crap…luckily I only took some small punts on SafeMoon and those other shittokens, but those are gone as well. I suppose there’s winners and losers and you can’t pick ‘em 100% all of the time (even the best of them get suckered as we can see with all the stablecoin and lending platform turmoil at the moment).

Got my post done and shared and all the usual token shifting and staking and curation and checking the SOL market, getting caught up and chatting on Discord (got my message count finally to enter the giveaways with a nice philosophical discussion about the nature of reality in the morning).

After I got the morning routine done, that’s usually the point at which I struggle with myself and try to pin down a goal for the day…I knew it was working on the database and fixing error handling, but like I said I couldn’t seem to get myself to actually focus.

Jumped into VR instead. I guess, for the time being, I’m just having to accept the controller drift as making anything requiring motion with the left stick to be inaccessible. 😡 Like I said yesterday, though, there are some other options and I spent some time playing arcade mode on Zombieland and then worked some more on a puzzle in Puzzling Places.

Satisfied my desire to procrastinate, so I quit out and got some lunch. As usual, I did hit the wall, but I busted out a Red Bull to try and power through it. Started doing a little work, but then it was time for Pizza Trivia!!!! 🥳

Actually, I went in and hung out listening to music with Creo for about an hour before, but it was kind of background mostly while I was working.

Did fairly well in Trivia. It was fun, as usual, either way, and I was able to withdraw another twelve or so PIZZA. 🤑 I’ve been adding to the PIZZA:ONEUP pool, but even with that I’ve gotten myself to 5500. 💪 Working toward that Baron status. 🎩

After Trivia, I really buckled down and got to work. First thing I was able to fix was the server hanging due to an error. Didn’t take too much, just had to return the send result instead of only sending the result.

So, got the account creation route finished and started working on the PATCH. This was a bit more of a headache than it probably should have been and took me the rest of the evening to work through. In order to update a given field, I needed to know the field (pass in the body of the request) as well as get the current value of that field…should just have been a simple SQL query to the database; it’s already backend talking to itself, so no need for Axios or anything, just call the database…

Man, that really turned out to be a real hassle! First it returns an array of objects, so I had to get the syntax right for drilling into the array, then into the property on the object. Problem was scope (as often seems to be the case)…the SQL query has a callback function which has access to the data, but it’s another function inside the call and so it didn’t have access to the field coming from the request and so I couldn’t get the property off the object…either that way, or I couldn’t seem to pass the results out of the callback other than to return a res.send() but it’s not a router call, so that didn’t work.

I ended up having to wrap the whole thing in another function call (that had access to the field variable) and return the resolve of a promise to then be able to deal with the results…ended up being pretty damn complicated just to get a specific value out of the database, but I got it to work.

Of course, what’s the first thing you have to do after you successfully build something? Try and break it. I have my error handling reject there, but when I tried to get the value from a nonexistent entry (force an error), I got an Unhandled Promise Rejection error. 😡

I got stuck there, and it was already nearing ten o’clock 😮 so I left it for the night. As often is the case, a little time offers some perspective and I’m pretty sure the only thing that’s wrong is that I need an implicit function in my catch(). Nearly certain that adding err => to the statement will do it, but we’ll have to see.

When Wenche got home, she made us some pancakes for dinner and after I wanted to achieve what I’d set as the goal for today and I went back to work.

It was already seriously late by the time I got ready for bed, but even so I played some Splinterlands while we watched some It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia before falling asleep super late.

No change in dShitty. Been at negative whatever income for a good week or so now, raking in that amazing eight SIM per day instead of the hundreds it should be.



Another one mission day on Rising Star. My Ego is still zero, so I just reset, but I seriously seem to be forgetting about this other than when I do my post in the morning.


I just realized that even though I totally sat down and worked at the computer, that’s exactly what I did, work, and completely forgot to go in and do my harvests and replanting and watering and all the refreshes each of those operations means…




Played quite a bit of Splinterlands this evening and it didn’t go too badly. I progressed up into the next tier, but messed up taking my photo and lost the screen. 😢


Still going to have to wait for a while for my focus chests, but for the first time in like five days I actually have some lined up. 👍 Got a ways to go, though, before I think I have any chance of getting season rewards enough to justify the time I did spend.



Claimed and staked my SPS drop as usual. It’s down relatively speaking, but I was surprised that it hadn’t fallen further, actually. Otherwise, still waiting for a recovery in the voucher market, so no moves there, but kinda’ itching…

Nope, still no Wordles. 😢

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