May 14, 22: Routine, Grocery Shopping, Oculus, TV, and Games



Slept nine thirty until six today, so not bad, and ended only an hour short. Honestly, my back has been really bothering me for the last week or so, and I think that’s waking me up in the night, but I’ve been trying to resist the temptation to take painkillers…it’s a dangerous road to take them too often, plus it hurts my tummy. 😢

Anyway, that has been a bit of a barrier to my desire to get out and go for a walk. I had planned to do that today, but was hurting and figured I shouldn’t push it too hard.

Not too much to note regarding the morning routine. Did the usual stuff: curation, hit the faucets (tipCC is still busted 😭), checked the markets, chatted on Discord, worked on my post…all-a’ that. [Do have to admit that it’s nice being able to post whenever…Brofund votes most of the time, I guess, but at weird times. Don’t care anymore, that’s the point.]

I suppose one difference from the norm was that I finally got the itch to pull the trigger on H-E. At first I only sold a little under half of what I had…then the bots replaced the order and I couldn’t stand it, just sold the rest! Went in and did some buying and added to my pool positions on BeeSwap, but I didn’t blow my whole wad yet. Need some funds to start up a Privex server for Mythix (been talking with them as well trying to get my ducks in a row to make the switch).

Here’s your random (stolen) thought for the day:


I found that to be both insightful and inarguable. 😂

Got my post done and shared and was tempted to jump into VR right away, but I wanted to keep yesterday’s productivity going and I was out of ham for lunch, so since there isn’t any real reason I have to go on Sunday and I needed to get the one-year replacement water filters for the kitchen faucet I decided to get it done today.

Unfortunately, the hardware store only had two of the three filters I need, the other was sold out. 😭 I mean, the filters don’t have a timer on them, so what do they know about a year? But that posed a dilemma: do I replace the two now and wait for the third or wait and replace them all together?! I figure that the one being older means that it is not working as well as it would and so would place extra work on the other two filters…hoping they’ll have them in within the next week so I can get them all switched out at once.

From there I hit the grocery store. Just shopping (and cooking) for myself means that it goes pretty quick and I was out the door this time for a bit under half the usual even though I splurged and got some Oreos.

Got home, put everything away, gave the cat and the dog their lunch and had a sandwich myself and then it was definitely time to reward myself with some Oculus.

Played some more Waltz of the Wizard. Still can’t seem to figure out that last puzzle in the tower, I even looked it up online and still didn’t get it. 😭 Gave up for now and headed out to the courtyard and ran a few levels of the story. The magic is very cool!!! Definitely giving me some inspiration and things to think about for Mythix.

Ran through and recorded a first go through on one of the new Beat Saber songs and then quit out. It was still early in the day, and I did start to drag a little, so I gave in and laid down.

I put the tv on with the understanding that I was likely to fall asleep, but instead of putting on Rick and Morty, I tried out a movie: Multiverse. It did keep me awake the whole way, and it wasn’t particularly bad (I mean, the premise was definitely up my alley), but I don’t know…doing time travel/parallel universe stuff well is hard. Worth the watch, I suppose, but nothing mind blowing.

Made myself some hotdogs and spaghetti o’s for dinner. I know it messes with my tummy, but I had two hotdogs left, so I figured I’d better use them up. That was basically the day. Played my Splinterlands quest and then watched some Rick and Morty before bed.

I think an income of six SIM from dShitty is equivalent to max shittiness…I think it’s the students that give me that baseline and it would otherwise be nothing. Not sure, but I do know it’s never the hundreds of SIM per day that it’s supposed to be.




Can’t seem to shake the drunks now on Rising Star, but for now just pounding out more of the new mission. It felt like I was progressing faster, but I think that was just wishful thinking, although the mission is potentially worth more Starbits than the other (but only like three or four more XP).


We had that one day of a flurry of activity and now we just sit and wait for a week again…kind of stupid and boring. I put a team in for a Raid but still haven’t gotten anything for it from what I can tell…really don’t get how they’re supposed to work.

I forgot to mention that I staked the MOTA that I’ve been getting from drips and pools, but I don’t think it’s nearly enough to make any kind of difference. 😡


Four more days…tickity-tock:



I went in fairly early in the evening and reset my quest but I wasn’t feeling like playing. In fact, it was quite a debate with myself whether to play today or not risk losing Diamond II and just wait for the reset. As it was still more than a day and a half until the season end, I just couldn’t pass up the chance for rewards chests.



To be honest, I can’t remember what my quest was for today, Life again or Fire, but can’t remember. Anyway, took the risk and came up Water, which didn’t turn out to be too bad. Got the quest done in Diamond II and definitely going to leave it now!

Pretty good rewards today, a little bit of DEC and some upgrade fodder, but I got a rare and an epic:


My SPS drop fell again today, but what’s new? Just staked it, as usual; not sure what else to do with it. I did finally pull the trigger, like I said, and went absolutely hog-wild and sold out all the vouchers I’d moved out to the market.

They were up around 2.2, so not too bad, and I snagged up some PIZZA immediately, increased my PLN pool position and am trying to decide how much to pull out to pay for the Privex hosting…kind of dumb doing that right now, if I’d done it a week ago it would have cost me half as much HIVE. 😭😡 Hopefully, at some point in the not too distant future, the project will become self-sustainable. As it stands (and has been) it’s been 100% money out of my pocket…at least for this part of the transition I can use funds gained on chain. 😁👍🤑

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