[EN/UA] Будні в казармі / Weekdays in the barracks

Всім привіт! Немає світла, ці довбані рашисти влучили по електростанціям і тепер у нас існує проблема з електропостачанням. На щастя наші робітники швидко все ремонтують, але світло як і завжди тепер є тільки по годинам. Добре що у мене є павербанк, то завдяки ньому я можу зарядити телефон і подзвонити дружині хоче один раз у день.

До нас де я зараз знаходжуся привезли пересувну баню і праску, тож скоро ми з хлопцями будемо купатися і прати свої речі. Я безмежно радий цьому, бо ми проходимо навчання у таких погодних умовах, що всі брудні як чорти. Вчора повзли на пузі, дощ, земля мокра, форма також мокра, а ще і брудна. Були тактичні зайняття, під час дощу. За ніч не встиг одяг висохнути, шкарпетки висихають майже два дні.

Добре що іноді є світло, то ми якось вже пристосувалися чаєм грітися. Дружина прислала посилку, а там аж п'ять пар шкарпеток! О, це саме те що треба, щоб ноги були сухими. А ще кава, чай, сигарети, солодощі, ліки на всякий випадок. Отримав посилку і таке відчуття наче вдома побував. А ще лист від дружини, пахне її парфумами. Господи, як я сумую, тільки ось зараз я це розумію... Це не сентименталізм, реальність, бо колись соромно було зайвий раз признатися у коханні, а зараз згоден кричати про це на весь світ. Ну все, поки досить, треба батарею на телефоні економити, всім до зустрічі на хайві.

Фото https://t.me/+7qMdbjoZftZlMGQy

Hello everybody! There is no light, these rascals have hit the power plants and now we have a problem with the power supply. Fortunately, our workers are quickly repairing everything, but the light, as always, is now only available for hours. It's good that I have a power bank, so thanks to it I can charge my phone and call my wife once a day.

Where I am now, they brought a portable sauna and an iron, so soon the boys and I will bathe and wash our things. I am extremely happy about this, because we are training in such weather conditions that everyone is dirty as hell. Yesterday they crawled on their bellies, it was raining, the ground was wet, the uniform was also wet, and also dirty. There were tactical activities during the rain. The clothes didn't have time to dry overnight, the socks took almost two days to dry.

It's good that sometimes there is light, so somehow we have already adapted to warming ourselves with tea. My wife sent a parcel, and there are as many as five pairs of socks! Oh, it's just what you need to keep your feet dry. And also coffee, tea, cigarettes, sweets, medicine just in case. I received the package and felt as if I had visited home. And a letter from his wife, smelling of her perfume. Lord, how I miss you, only now I understand it... This is not sentimentalism, reality, because once it was a shame to confess my love one more time, and now I agree to shout about it to the whole world. Well, that's enough for now, you need to save battery on your phone, see you all on the highway.


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To the Cannons with you, fodder:



Machine translation: The 93rd brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is in Soledar. Constantly bears losses. When they asked for fire support, their artillery hit them.

They refused to stand in positions. For this, their commanders gave the order to disarm them and leave them in the trenches, and to shoot them for leaving, adding to them that they would come out of there only two hundredth (killed). The failed defenders decided to make public the severity of their situation by recording this video.

Go to the link, read the comments, too chicken shit to investigate?

Link to video/comments.

Ukranian soldier: "They throw us like meat."
Machine translation: "Yesterday I talked to my friends from the front, he says that the Russians have unrealistically strengthened themselves near Kherson, as they do not go to them, they get slapped all the time. 200 and we have a lot. The number of wounded is simply incredible. All the hospitals of Nikolaev are also full and are being taken to other cities. They throw us like meat. Those on the front were mobilized, actively discussing to surrender to the Russians immediately. Well, like, then they will exchange. And according to rumors, 50 people have already crossed over to the other side. One even managed to write to his mother to say that everything was fine. He also told me that his colleague was wounded and he was lying in our first hospital on the Ekipazhnoy. It was a shrapnel wound and the soldiers forbade doctors to register it as a combat wound. To hide the real number of victims and all sorts of benefits so that they would not be paid there. Here, they will be issued as a household and that's it."


Ukrainian soldiers complain about being 'cannon meat' and refuse to go to the front line
Fighters of the Ukrainian armed forces continue issuing appeals about the disastrous situation at the frontPersonnel of the 24th AFU Brigade complain that they are being thrown "to the meat" with machine guns in their hands against tanks, artillery and aircraft, as well as how they are being hit by the Russian army. Because of this, Ukrainian servicemen refused to perform their duties as part of the units of the 24th Brigade.

Encircled Ukrainian soldiers complain about being abandoned like cannon fodder in Lysychansk


AFU Conscript Refused To Fight And Was Shot In Legs - Russian Medics Picked Him Up
"An AFU conscript refused to fight and was shot in the legs. Russian fighters picked him up and sent for medical treatment."


Ukrainian soldiers refuse to fight and surrender their weapons
Machine translation: The UAF soldiers from the 1st rifle battalion of the 1st company, who refused to participate in hostilities as part of the 24 brigade, voluntarily surrendered their weapons.

WHERE IS THE MONEY, ZELENSKY??? Another group of soldiers complain about being stiffed
Machine translation: Another Ukrainian soldiers complain to Mr. Zelensky that they don't receive their entitlementsThe allowances are not paid, and most of them even according to the documents are somewhere in the rear, although the soldiers at this moment are on the front line. You're complaining to the wrong person, Mr. President is the first to have a hand in this.

ZH: EVERYTHING is COLAPSING in Ukraine: Soldiers of the 115th Brigade in Severodonetsk complain too

Two Ukrainian POWs refuse to be exchanged and are applying for Russian citizenship instead

Catch 22: Soldiers of the 57th AFU brigade refuse to go to the front line; Commander doesn't either
They have literally zero chance of winning and a small chance of surviving and coming back.Machine translation: The Ukrainian battalion commander is trying unsuccessfully to persuade the fighters to go to war, but he himself does not want to go with them. "Then I don't give a shit... on you," sums up the commander.

AFU POW's Appeal To DPR Chairman To Let Them Join Russian Army
Historical footage.

Former AFU soldiers appeal to the chairman of the DNR People's Council to take them into Russian service.😁

Eng translation of Ukrainian 57th Motorized Brigade arguing with their commander and refusing to go
Another video with refuseniks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this time the 57th Motorized Brigade.

Everything is as usual: the command are idiots, there are no heavy weapons, soldiers ask why they are being treated as numbers that can be replaced. Officers are in the rear and soldiers demand they be at the front line with them.

Ukrainian soldiers refusing to follow suicidal order - deploy to positions surrendered 2 weeks prior

Ukrainians of 36th Separate Marine Brigade complain that officers beat their comrade to death

Ukrainian soldiers from Avdeevka front line complain about their situation
Machine translation: "We were performing combat tasks near Avdeevka settlement, we were in zero position illegally. During the entire time we lost 70% of our personnel (on the footage all those who survived). When we expressed our distrust to the battalion command about the fact that there was a verbal order to occupy and hold positions without heavy equipment and artillery, only with machine guns and four magazines. The road to the positions and the position is regularly shot through with mortars, cluster mines and so on by the Russian military. There is no logistics, communication, and cohesion between units.

They send them to the front line without reference to the terrain. No basic means of communication are provided. Officers, commanders, medics were not with us at the positions. There was no proper evacuation of the wounded, they waited 12 hours or more for help. The dead were not taken away. No one was looking for the missing, they were not even interested in them. No one supplied water or food to the positions. We repeatedly appealed to the battalion command about providing us with proper weapons to repel enemy attacks, but we were ignored. On 25.05.2022 our helmets, flak jackets and weapons were taken from us at the front line, namely in the village of Umanska. We stayed there without protection until 30.05.2022. Also we were not paid our pay and bonus for direct participation in combat operations. We were transferred to another unit without our consent to the security company of the third division of the Melitopol rpc and sep. And our command wants to turn us into deserters. Despite the fact that we want to go into battle to defend our country. The Zaporizhzhya regional military enlistment office knows that Colonel Khobot is turning Ukraine's defenders into diserters. And instead of stopping, on the contrary hides this crime. We appeal to everyone who cares to help us overcome this lawlessness and once again stand up for the Ukrainian people and state".

MORE Ukies Refuse to Fight!
Next appeal. This time from Severodonetsk. They refuse to go into position, as there is no support, and the command gives inadequate orders.

Another Battalion Mutinies - Refuse To Fight For Dying Ukraine (Subtitled)

Units of the Cherkasy Territorial Defense forces refuse to fight and recorded a video message to the
Units of the Cherkasy Territorial Defense forces refuse to fight and recorded a video message to the commander in chief.

Ukrainian wives say their husbands refuse to return to front lines
Machine translation:"There are a lot of dead bodies, people ran wherever they could! Our husbands are sent to be shot" - the wife of a Ukrainian soldier exposes Arestovich's victory speeches, telling about the real situation at the front. According to her, the military unit her husband serves in refuses to return to the front lines.

The military man's mother adds that "they want to destroy the Volyn cops".

MORE Ukrainian soldiers at the front REFUSE to fight!
Soldiers at the front refuse to fight
This time, the platoon of the 3rd battalion of the 115th Brigade of the AFU refused to defend Severodonetsk, recording an appeal to Zelensky and the commander-in-chief of the AFU Zaluzhny :
"We refuse to carry out combat missions because we do not have reinforcements from behind. No heavy machinery. We have been waiting for reinforcements for 2 weeks, but there is no one. We are being sent to certain death. There is no command. There is no technique and respect for people. ... in such conditions, we refuse to perform combat mission.

Foreign / American Mercenaries Flee In Panic And Disarray Somewhere In Ukraine
Word has it that more and more, foreign mercenaries are starting to 'clash' with AFU command who requires them to do suicidal tasks which the mercenary groups refuse to do. One recent incident even alleged a firefight erupted where the foreign mercenaries liquidated the AFU troops who were trying to strongarm them into a suicidal assault.

Ukrainian tanker POW talks about how Ukraine sends people into the meat grinder
A captured Ukrainian tank soldier told how AFU command sends unprepared mobilised servicemen to slaughter

A Ukrainian soldier was seized by Russian airborne unit near Kherson region in attempt to attack Russian Armed Forces’ positions.


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