This year's first picking of wild asparagus

This year's nature walk in the first search and harvest of wild asparagus

You can walk for quite a long time until you come across the occasional asparagus, because beautiful flowers like wild orchids adorn the landscape of the meadows

Asparagus that bloomed a little and started to grow

There are also in the meadow, so it is not difficult to see them and there is no need to go into the thick bushes to get them

After harvesting, without bragging about how wrinkled I am, it's still a bit like that until the tips of the thumb and the nail of the index finger freely touch

then in a meadow I stopped and looked at these tiny beautiful colors, how beautiful they are

Next to them is a very tiny, really tiny flower, almost three millimeters if any

That pistil and its hairs so small and how the light through the clouds illuminates it with soft tones and an almost imperceptible yellow color

That flower is somewhere among these tiny buds

On one piece of grass, I saw a tiny black dot, and I guess it's the excrement of an insect, it looks like that to me, because it's tiny, maybe two millimeters,

you can also see a hair on a leaf of grass

A little further away, just a little bit, a young bush of a young oak sprouted, which had beautiful and juicy young leaf buds on which this tiny insect used to eat.

His legs with fingers that he grabs and holds on to

it's pretty hairy that he nibbles

I let him alone for some lunch and he is a little bigger than five millimeters like this so I can see his back or wings

has a hairy body

Let him enjoy and I go to see this Orchid

her flower petals

inside the petal, a funnel is created that goes towards the middle where the pistil is, and that part is a little darker and has a different color

It's starting to rain and I have to hurry home, so on a tiny top of dried grass flowers I found this extremely tiny and tiny spider waiting for lunch

While he waits I welcome you all to HIVE with my walk picking wild asparagus for a few photos

, and my work, that's roughly what it looked like in that little adventure.

That's all for now ... of course ... I have to go on a new walk, of course, and adventure.



Wow, you have a great eye for capturing beauty in the world. This picture is breathtaking👌😍