When the night swallows the day

The sunset is beautiful in various editions, especially when this little ball of brilliance begins, the sun descends and swallows the day

however, it is nice to see it in the air, setting on the horizon and its size increasing

and the colors above him glow

even the sea merges with the clouds and the sky into a beautiful soft color

it's really aromatic to me

at the end the sun hides behind the horizon of the sea and the Night swallows the Day

In the dark night, the moon rose and illuminated the sea with its rays

from a distance, a large ship comes with a gentle movement that creates small waves

he moves slowly so as not to make the waves bigger in order to enjoy this beauty , of that big and long ship that transports some cargo

The moon shines with its brilliance and the thoughts of sea fairies are doing shit, the sea is a total romantic chaos of thoughts.

This is the end of the romance of this post.